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After staying at the Disneyland Hotel from November 06 - November 09 I was refused entry into downtown Disney because of a chain with a lock on it. Even though I was allowed into the park from 11/06 through 11/8 I was refused entry on the morning of 11/09 and told that the same chain I had been wearing was a safety hazard. Through the entire stay security repeatedly saw the chain and noted that is most likely why I was setting off the alarms.

I pointed out that the key to unlock the lock was not available at all and could not come off. In the process of disputing the refusal to enter the park I pointed out that others were let through with decorative necklaces and Disney sold lanyards. I called for a supervisor and she indicated that I would not be allowed in the park but would not provide a sound reason for the refusal other than safety but was not able to tell me why for me but not for others with potential worst hazards if they were to use my chain as the example. I talked with the hotel concierges on the 11th floor and they understood, was confused by the actions of security but ultimately said that this was not their department and that they could not help. We were unable to go back into the parks to complete our shop and subsequently left the properties / hotel as there was no way to remove the change and lock.

I had a get time at Disneyland but I hope that you can understand why this incident would have put a damper on my trip and a stain on Disney's reputation in my eyes. It would have been different if;

1) They has refused me at the beginning, but they did not
2) They had refused me and explained why my necklace was a safety issue, but they did not
3) They has pointed me to a specific guideline in Disney's document online guidelines, but they did not
4) If it was obscene or graphic, but it was not
5) If other security guards that wended me had a problem, but they had not for the past three days

I believe that this security and supervisor applied some arbitrary thought process and as a result cut my trip short. If someone could explain to me why this happened, what the perceived harm was and why this unknown / unpublished rule was allowed to be applied, I would be very grateful.

Nov 23, 2018

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