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I would like to file an official complaint about my visit to Disneyland Paris on 4/25/18.

My husband and I were in Paris and discovered that our resort was close to Disneyland so we popped over for a day as an unplanned activity during our trip to France.

I have a physical disability and cannot use the stairs. As an annual passholder in previous years I have gone to WDW in the USA many times and have never had an issue. I simply inform the attendant of my inability to use stairs and they send me to the accessible line before the stairs. In Paris, however, I was told I would need to use the stairs or not go on the rides. This happened at Thunder Mountain, Hyperspace Mountain and Indiana Jones. At the final ride of the day, the attendant-a very nice woman at Thunder Mountain-explained I would need a DAS to use the accessible entrance. By this point we were so frustrated we decided to just leave and we both agreed it had been a waste of time and money to go there.

After getting back to the USA, and before we are traveling to Orlando next week, I decided to look up the DAS policy. I believe that based on your policy I was wrongly denied access to the accessible lines. Your policy states "A Guest whose disability is based on the necessity to use a wheelchair or scooter does not need a DAS."..."DAS is intended for Guests whose disability prevents them from waiting in a conventional queue environment." (ie a mental or cognitive disorder such as Autism.)

As I said, my disability is physical and I am unable to do stairs. Based on your policy it sounds like I should not have needed a DAS in Paris to use accessible entrances since all I asked for was a way to get on the ride without using the stairs. This would mean allowing me access to the handicap entrances on rides with stairs since there was no lift available to bypass the stairs. My purpose is not to avoid having to wait in line. I understand the need to wait my turn so everyone can ride in a reasonable amount of time. I simply want to be able to go on the ride when it is my turn.

If this is happening to me I am sure there are many others who also have had this experience. Personally, my husband and I will never go back to Disneyland Paris. I was very disappointed.

Going to Disney with a disability can be difficult, and for me it is often painful. At least being able to access the rides I loved before I was injured and the fond memories I make with family each trip makes it fun and a trip I look forward to each year.

I would appreciate your time looking into this and responding back to me.

Linda Grant

Apr 30, 2018

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