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My wife has Multiple Scerlosis and was told that she can not come into the Disney Theme Parks after we purchased our disney vacation package, with her Segway which she has a medical prescription to have and absolutely needs to get around. She is 33 years old and they told her she will need to use a wheelchair or electric cart, which they do not provide without extra charge. Disney customer service personnel advised me Segways are a safety concern and that is the reason they are not allowed in the park. However, Disney offers tours with Segways and certain employees are allowed to use Segways in the park... This is a true injustice to Americans with Disabilities who use Segways as an assisted mobility device... I would be interested in learning how many people per year have been taken to hospitals due to Disney rides as opposed to people using Segways in the world. I was told initially by a customer service rep that the Segway would be allowed and then told by two people on a second call to verify after reading an internet posting that the Segway was banned. So much for the Dreams of people with mobility disabilities that use Segways...

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  • As
      Sep 23, 2007

    I'm sure they have a good reason for it. It's not like they would ban them just for the hell of it.

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  • Ma
      Jan 29, 2009

    This was a lawsuit awhile back and the found that segways are too dangerous.

    Here is the outcome of this crazy lawsuit:

    As part of the deal, Disney will provide disabled visitors alternate access to parks in Florida and Disneyland in California. The new vehicles, called ESVs, are intended to replicate in dimension and operation a common wheelchair or motorized scooter while allowing users to stand upright, according to court papers.

    The ESVs will be rented on the same terms as sit-down electric vehicles. Disney will continue to ban guests from using two-wheeled vehicles, including Segways, within resorts, according to the filing.

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