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Besides the fraud of having the installers call 100s of times after installation to request a $500 Visa card be sent from Fiesta Grocery in DFW to an address in LA, or be disconnected (and we called the police and reported it, and refused to pay, and they cut the wire), and having to change our phone number, and after reporting that on at least 3 occasions to DishLatino and being told "it isn't our problem" it is a police issue, we just license them (!) [that they investigate or certify or require a minimum of professional ethics from their installers. If you want 1000 calls threatening to report you to ICE after signing up and getting installed, this is the service for you. So after settling that and the signal being decent, after 2 years a box burned up. It was replaced. Today, canceling, we were told the replacement of that box which we pay a monthly "service fee" for having done at no cost, committed us to a 2 yr contract. She said there was a recorded message, and I say to PLAY it. Oh, that's another department (The BS department?). Canceled, and making us pay for the boxes. Sending them back WITH every kind of insurance and confirmation possible. Total mafiosa racket, do NOT sign up. No firma con esa gente criminal, racista y que te roba, no. Just stream everything via the internet. They refused to give us a disconnection confirmation number, which seems highly suspect. VE6 is the rep, Lilia, would not forward us to a supervisor, she said she was the top lady, I doubt that as well. She was nice, but why make it a breakup where they key your car and leave a flaming bag of poop on your doorstep so that you tell everyone to stay away? If you let people go just because they are moving without all the chicanery, then they might come back despite some bad experiences. Not this way though, they are dead to us. BBB is next.

Jun 20, 2017

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