Dish Network / cancellation of service

Albany, GA, United States

My daughter who is on ssi (Social security income) had subscribed to dish network and had to moved to another location. When she called to have them transfer her service to her new house 2 service tech's came to her new rental house and told her that they could not get a signal for her satilite dish. She was told by the installer that they would have to cancel her contact"due to lack of receiving a satilite signal". When the tech guy put her on the phone with dish network, they told her that they were going to have to charge her a $200. Cancellation fee. The service tech told her that that was not correct and said she did not have to pay because she was not terminating her service - they could not provide her with a satilite signal. She has called customer service and they still are telling her she is going to have to pay the $200. Cancellation fee. What is up with that!

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