Discovery Capital / how trustworthy are they?

Dy Feb 11, 2019
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Discovery Capital manages venture capital investments in the areas of information technology, communications and others. I first saw this project on one of the websites about crypto investments and was pretty interested to find out what it is about.
Well, it seems that dealing with crypto is not what this company was founded for.
They have several investments not related to the crypto world.
How reliable are they? Well, there's a strong fact about them: these guys have been working since 2002, I think that's a good reason to consider them.
They have two websites and I don't understand why, what's the point? Looks like the team is the same, only the number of members is different from time to time. However, if we speak about Discovery Capital, their team consists of 4 people only. I think those are their key managers and probably, there are much more people working for them. But that's just my assumption.
Are they safe? Probably. Are they trustworthy? More than their colleagues, but here is one "but": investments are always risky and not always depends on a project you work with, it's always a lottery, so be careful.

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