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Discovery Architectural Antiques / Customer Service NAZI style!!!

1 409 St. FrancisGonzales, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 830-672-2428


I cant imagine why anyone would want to go into business, bother to fix up their store nice and pretty, but expect to keep their doors open when they treat their customers like CRAP!

I am a business owner myself, and understand that every person that I encounter should be treated as I would want to be treated. I try to give them the best service possible, and treat ALL people of different races, sexual preferences and religions, fairly and with kindness.


When my girlfriend and I walked in the store, NO ONE said hi to us. I brushed this off, thinking that they might just be preoccupied. During our entire time walking through the store however (which was sad to say, more than 45 minutes), not one of the four people who worked there (the janitorial staff, front desk receptionist, saleswoman, and what seemed to be a supervisor), NEVER looked at us as we walked right in front of them, but talked only amongst themselves!!!

There was a very cold feeling about the place, and every one of the people who worked there exhibited a air of pride and snobbishness.
Who would think that the antique business would be so cliquish?? :)
I had thought that perhaps these folk were discriminatory against my girl and I only. (being that she is part black)...but I was wrong,
EVERY customer who entered the store was ignored.

Oh well, we decided to leave that stupid excuse for a business establishment and was so disappointed that I bothered to take the time from my busy day to post this review here. Feel free to visit their website, but don't be fooled!! This company is two faced! On their website, they portray themselves as being welcoming (posting pics of their German schnauzers, and telling folk that they will roll out the red carpet and give them the grand tour of the place), but in reality they are actually as cold as ICE.

So if you ever have a chance to stop by the big town of Gonzales, Texas and are in the mood for some emotional abuse "Nazi Gestapo Style", then drop by Discovery Architectural Antiques on 409 St. Francis, and DISCOVER what they really think of you! ;)

Peace Out!


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