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Discovercard Services / Fraud

1 Salt Lake City, UT, United States
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Discovercard is really a piece of work barking up the wrong tree and subjecting me to years of harassment. Based upon my experiencez, I can only imagine the hardship they cause REAL customers that legitimately owe them money.

My story starts in 2005 when I go to refinance a house and am denied the loan. WOW! I have impeccable credit and why would I be denied. Well, it seems Dsicver claimed I owed $4, 000 on an account that was charges off in 1998.

First, I never had an account with them. Second, it was already older than the 7 year statute before it appeared on my report.

I call them up and I am told they refuse to discuss anything with me because I am not answering their "Challenge Questions" correctly. They refuse to tell me how this winds up on my credit report. refuse to comment on the age. They requested I send something in writing with a copy of the credit report and my social for them to investigate.

I honored the request because it sounded reasonable and they promised to have the correction made.

They took the information I provided in good faith and sold it to a junk debt buyer that suddenly re-aged the account to reflect a new date of last activity in 2005. I started receiving calls looking for Jane. I truthfully said no one lives here by that name. Then I get some document in the mail that looks like a summons and complaint from Special Civil Part addressed to Jane Doe.

So I go to the court house to tell them no Jane Doe lives with me. It is then I recognize the Discovercard account being the same as the one I requested they investigate only they now say they want $6, 700 instead of the original $4, 000. The court house said two things, one it's not me so don't worry about it and secondly, the paperwork was fraudulent. It was a legitimate summons and complaint form that is used in filing, but the paperwork was never filed and the dockett number was not assigned. They were illegally phishing for information and using threat of jail time to intimidate action by the consumer.

WOW! What a wakeup call. So this thing is still on my credit report so I use this as amunition and finally in February 2006 I get someone to send a letter stating they are unable to provide any verififcation of the debt including the indetity of the original card holder. The letter also states that this rep instructed the credit reporting agencies to delete the trade line.

Next thing I know, I get a document similar to th Jane Doe document, under the name of someone else entirely different. I did recognize the name of the woman who moved into my old apartment in 1996 when I moved out. She seemed to be a nice woman, recently married, and I think she moved out to New Hampshire or something but I never kept in touch. So I go back to the court house and offer this information. Again, the court documents are fraudulent - same story. I ask to speak to a prosecutir to file charges against the junk debt buyer and Discover for selling my information to them. The envelopes arrive in my name, but the paperwork enclosed is for someone else.

I am told that since the fraud is not against me, they can't do anything. I continue to write to the CRA's and supply that 2/06 document saying the bill isn't mine and delete the damned trade line.

In the spring of 06 this man starts stalking me at work. He shows up and asks for the second woman and of course no one knows who that is. The guy keeps coming back and eventually uses my name and is told I was working out of another office that day. The guy found out from someone in the parking lot that he accosted my elderyly parents lived in that town and I went to visit them daily.

I got a call from the hospital later that afternoon that my mother was brought in to the emergency room after this man brandished a firearm in her face and threatened to destroy my career and out me in jail if she didn't write him a check for $6, 100 or tell him my home address, phone number, where I banked and other information. Needless to say neither the police or I was amused and a restraining order was placed on this maniac as well as a formal report with security at my place of employment to run this dangerous man off.

The man did show up at my place of employment at least 6 other occasions and was told to leave. He finally somehow got my home address and started ringing the bell and yelling Jen it's an emergency building maintenance. I ran downstairs and cracked open the door and realized something was wrong when he demanded access to my apartment. I know all our maintenance people and he was not wearing an ID badge. I asked him what the emergency was and he just kept saying I need to get inside. I asked where Matt (head super) was as he always walked around new maintenance folks. There were too many red flags going off to even start to list them here.

The man purshed the door open overpowering me and grabbed my wrist, knocking me to the ground and throwing these stupid papers in my face, thresatening me to pay my bills or else. He took off running and I tried to catch him but no luck. By the time the cops arrived he was long gone and nothing they could do. They wouldn't even consider fingerprinting the envelope he threw at me. The envelope was hand written just my name on it. Enclosed was the same fraudulent court documents.

So in any event, even if this is the act of a junk debt buyer as Discover alleges and not the actions of their company, I still feel they are liable for the fraudulent reporting on the credit report, the illgeal re-aging on the account monthly, as well as the physical assault because they provided my personal information to their "enforcers" without my permission.

When I call Discover, and I do daily to complain about this unresolved issue they pretend they don't know anything about any prior call. They claim they don't know who the woman is that wrote the letter saying the bill isn't mine so the letter doesn't exist. They told me they didn't care about this maniac with a gun and that maybe I should just "give him what he wants to make him go away".

Yes, I do have a lawyer and yes - we are having a boatload of fun including their refusal to comply with court orders telling them to release information about the trade line and their activities, who they provided my information to, etc.


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