Discounts-WebstoreScam alert

I was searching for a new HDTV and this website ( Discounts-webstore came up under the Froogle search. The scam site is well done, with no usual scam-like typos and the registration and checkout stuff actually works.

HOWEVER!!! Here are the reasons they are a scam site:

1) They only take orders on $500 and above
2) They dont accept Credit Cards!!! Only: WESTERN UNION
3) It is "supposedly" protected by the (a fraudulent anti-fraud site!)
4) If you go to the link below, look where it goes! was a scam site that was supposedly protected by as well, but it was shut down not long after it was up. I believe the site was taken down by hackers.

5) The prices are WAY TOO LOW and all shipping in the U.S. is free! (Ya right!)

PLEASE DO NOT buy anything from these will be ripped off (and NO, i did not fall for their scam :) )


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