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Wow, what can I say? I guess it would be cliché to say that all I can say for this company is praise, but that’s the truth. From answering my questions through email, to responding to phone calls and making calls to UPS for me, Discount Laptops does everything with eager alacrity. I had done my research on laptops and decided to buy from DiscountLaptops when I found out about them from a friend. He had bought a Sager NP9890 and brought it to school to show us his new gaming beast. Unfortunately, a month after that he became a victim of an at-home burglary and his new Sager was stolen. Fast forward 2 years. I don’t think I can say this enough; Discount Laptops has been extremely helpful and quick in answering all my questions. I would especially like to thank Matthew Tucker, for he was the one who seemed to answer ALL of my questions. Now, to top off this review let me tell you my laptop “adventure” with Sager.
I ordered my Sager NP5760 on July 11 using the Credit card – secured cash payment option. Idiot me didn’t realize that that method would freeze all the funds in my bank account (because I used a debit card). I called Discount Laptops that same day, 1 hour after I ordered and I was able to change my payment method to Paypal eCheck right then and there. Of course, now I have to wait for the freeze on my funds to clear again. It finally cleared on July 14 and I initiated the Paypal eCheck payment. That took another 4 business days and it finally shipped on July 20. As I chose Reverse CA shipping, I expected it to take a while but I was content to wait. This is where the funky stuff started happening.
A tracking number is provided when the laptop is shipped. I checked that package at least 10 times a day and I noticed right away that something about it was funny. Instead of one package, the tracking information told me that I was getting TWO. I just thought maybe it was a side effect of the shipping method (you know…one box to the Nevada office, one box back to me?) but the more I thought about it the more concerned something was wrong. I emailed Discount Laptops about one hour later (I repeat, ONE hour later) Matthew called me and told me that there seemed to be a shipping mistake. He told me that Sager had shipped out 2 laptops; the first one I would be getting soon was not mine. I had a hunch about the identity of the rightful owner of the first laptop and that hunch was correct as the first one belonged to my buddy who didn’t live too far from me (2 miles is not far is it?). I decided to accept the first laptop and just hand it to my buddy. Matthew sounded relieved for that problem to be resolved so quickly and easily, and I was too. Little did we know what we were to find out later.
Over the weekend, after having had a hands-on session with my friends Sager NP5760 (he ordered one that was practically the same as mine, sans the TV tuner) I was anxious to receive my own. So I checked the tracking numbers (I had two by now, the one from when I ordered and one that was sent to me when Discount Laptop in Nevada received my laptop) and noticed something really weird. The old tracking number that showed 2 packages suddenly reverted from their “DELIVERED” status and told me that they were back “IN TRANSIT”. I didn’t think too much about it except when Monday rolled around the new tracking number I had still said that only the Billing Information was received. After a phone call to Discount Laptops, I found out that the UPS guy never went back to pick up the laptop from the DL Nevada office, but Matthew assured me that if the UPS guy didn’t come that day he would personally take it down to the UPS shipping office to ship it to me. (Boy did I feel assured!) Then later that same day, he called me again, and told me (in a sheepish voice) that Sager had shipped yet ANOTHER laptop to me! You can say I was astonished to say the least. We talked about it and decided that Matthew would email me a new UPS shipping label and once I received the THIRD laptop I would affix that new shipping label over the old one and forward it to the original owner. On top of that we weren’t really sure which laptop would come to me first, my own laptop (the second laptop shipped to me) or the third laptop. So Matthew told me to compare the serial numbers, which is easily seen on a little sticker on the side of the packing box. To finish up this “adventure” the ending goes like this: I got my laptop on July 25 and the third laptop was forwarded by me on July 27 and received by the owner the next day (it was from me in LA to San Diego). For my trouble (it was pretty amusing to me) Discount Laptops refunded my shipping ($35). Far from being an experience that would make me avoid Discount Laptops in the future, it has cemented my faith and trust in the dedication of the Discount Laptops team to customer satisfaction and I would gladly purchase from them again (once I save up enough money of course….) Word of warning: The Lifeview Tv tuner that comes with the Sager NP5760 is not supported by the enhanced Media Center option in Windows XP MCE 2005.


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