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Several things were misrepresented regarding this service call:
1) Price initially quoted ($59) was different from final cost ($125);
2) Service tech did not show up within promised timeframe of 25-30 mins;
3) When dispatch was called to inquire as to tech's whereabouts, was informed that I had called back to cancel which was untrue since I was locked out of my house and had no access to phone;
4) Waited over 1-1/2 hrs for service tech to show up;
5) Service tech did not inform me of any additional prices for 5 minutes of work performed, nor of costs for travel time/distance.
6) Tech just asked for credit card for payment and had me sign without explaining additional fees being charged, so I was unaware of what final costs were;
7) Talked with company twice and service tech once I realized costs were different from what had been quoted. Company said tech had final disposition of fees being charged, while service tech said he was unaware of time delays and that company was only one who could make a concession;
8) Company supervisor was very condescending, shady and snarky in speaking with me as to how their company charged their fees and put blame back on me, the customer.
I feel this company took unfair advantage of the situation, knowing as a customer I was in a dire and emotional situation of being locked out of my home. Then on top of that, to keep me waiting for 1-1/2 hours to send a service tech just added to my aggravation so that I was unnerved and anxious to get back into my home.
If it hadn't been for these extenuating circumstances, I would have been more astute in questioning the service tech about additional fees instead of just trusting a company that had finally shown up.
However, this should not excuse the company from misrepresenting their total pricing structure, nor from the service tech in being diligent to explain total costs before having a customer sign a receipt.

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  • Ch
      Nov 15, 2010

    Obviously, as you can see by the grammar and the spelling, that the person who wrote this was illiterate. As the locksmith industry has been taken over by want to be locksmiths who are not qualified, this complaint is fraudulent and from one of our competitors. We have been in business for over 15 years and with the amount of jobs that are done per year, we are sure to have customer or two who are not completely satisfied. However, we do try and work out each and every discrepancy until the customer is fully satisfied.

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  • Ru
      Oct 12, 2013

    Disregard the comment above. This locksmith has multiple complaints that are consistent in their allegations. The company charges above what they quote. I received a quote of $180 to fix a lock in my car. The quote was lower than competitors, so I asked the lady taking my call if there were any extra fees. I was told there would not be. When the driver arrived, he took an image of my credit card before doing the work (alleging that it had to be done before he could begin work). Once the work as completed, he filled out the form and charged $432. When asked about the $180 quote, he said that was just for taking the call. I am now disputing the charge with the credit card company.

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