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Discount Gun Sales / They do not back up their products!

1 5108 Evergreen Way #4Everett, WA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 425-258-2601

On 12-24-07 I purchased a $347.51 Streamlight TLR-2 light (a component for a firearm) and when I got it home I found it to be defective. Two days later I returned to the store with it to ask for an exchange. It was pointed out to me that on the receipt it is stated "all sales are final". The clerk would not exchange the product, which he could easily done, would not refund my money, and the only help he offered was to give me the product manufacturer's address - not even offering to ship it back to the manufacturer for me. I just want to let readers know that Discount Gun Sales LLC does not in any way back up the products they sell. Once you go out the door with it, "sorry charlie" it's between you and the product manufacturer. I took an informal poll of other local sporting goods/firearms retailers and every one of them said they would absolutely stand behind the products they sell and would gladly replace or refund the money for a defective product that they might sell. Buyer beware - Discount Gun Sales does not in any way stand behind the merchandise they sell. I hope you don't get burned like I did.

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  • Pa
      8th of Feb, 2008
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    I agree with Frank, avoid buying anything from this store. If you are interested in trying to get a FFL transfer dont use Discount Gun Sales, they have made the process so difficult that even the national companies cant believe their policies. They only want you to buy their over priced items that they wont stand behind. If you are looking to purchase a firearm you would be wise to look elsewhere. The staff are clueless about firearms and have terrible customer service.

  • Ji
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    I wish I had researched and read this review before dealing with this store. These people don't know anything about customer service. I feel ripped off with no recourse.

  • Se
      13th of Jul, 2008
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    I am glad i stumbled across this page. I found it trying to find the store's site so I could get info on using their FFL. I have stopped by there a few times and always had an okay feeling but three complaints about the same shop says enough for me. Thanks guys.

  • Do
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    The Owner Frank is Rude and doesn't care about your business.

    It's just that simple.
    I think he's actually very unhappy being over-weight and trys to stop his sadness with cookies and pizza pockets.
    Being unhappy with life his poor attitude soaks out over the store and makes it a unwelcoming place.

  • Dr
      11th of Oct, 2008
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    Funny I found this post. About a year ago I had a friend buy a factory refurbushed Sig 229 equinox from DGS. He took it out to the range and 50 rds later one of the screws on the grip fell out. No big deal right? he took it back to DGS, they said that they could only send it back to Sig, fine. About a month went by without any reply from Sig or DGS. Every time he called DGS he got the run around. Finally my friend was feed up and went in to DGS. They claimed that they somehow "lost" his gun! What they finally did was offer my friend a older version an lessor value used Sig 229 black finish straight across which proves that Sig was not to blame. The stupid thing was that Mike Le (my friend) accepted because hes a beta male. If it were me I would have filed a police report and reported them to the ATF and filed a compliant with the Bureau of Labor along with calling the local news media.


    *none of this story was made up, the employee's name was Justin and the store was in Kirkland Wa.

  • Ro
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    I gave Frank a significant number of firearms orders worth of business, starting with when Frank Sr. operated out of the back of his car. Back then prices were competitive and Frank Sr. was very courtious. Over the next couple of years I would shop for interesting firearms offered through manufacturers advertised in the Shotgun News. Under this approach DGS would order the subject firearm and upon its arrival I would go in, pay and do the necessary paperwork. Unfortunately, after a while what I found was a growing reluctance to process these special orders even though I was a regular, repeat customer. Sometimes I would make a request, subsequently call after a couple of weeks and be asked, "ok, do you really want us to order it".

    Frank Sr. I liked. He was always friendly. By comparison, Frank Jr. was basically rude, arrogant and finally crossed the line when he castigated me for being pushy with the then current order. I told him what I thought of his style and said that I was cutting off doing any further business with them. I cancelled my last order and concluded the same purchase with another FFL dealer a week later.

    DGS appears to be going the same as Wades in Bellevue WA. Friendly and attentive at first when they're small and hungry for a customer base. Thereafter they grow, establish a large retail store(s), hire too many different types of people and forget what customer satisfaction means. Better people to deal with have been Blackwell Industries in Renton WA and the Sportsman's Warehouse in Silverdale WA.

  • Jo
      29th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I went there today and the sales guy (a tall man with a mustache wearing a trench coat) was a jerk. He reminds me of something that rhymes with "brass hole." I had money in my pocket and walked out the door. Make sure to tell everyone to stay away from these guys. They are unprofessional and rude.

  • Co
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    When Robert went to Discount Gun Sales to purchase a firearm he was asked to fill out the standard 4473 form and wait for the background check. After a few minutes he was informed by the sales associate that he was unable to purchase a firearm from DGS becuase he has cheek bone implants that had caused him to whine and *cry* like a 13 year old girl all through summer 2008 and into 2009 because he got dumped. After this encounter he cried all the way back to his mother's basement.

  • Ro
      24th of Nov, 2010
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    Yeah...DGS is horrible. And those 2 comments above mine are hilarious. Lol. If you're not already there, go sign up for SeattleGuns.NET It's free and only takes 60 well-worth seconds.

  • Sp
      30th of Jan, 2014
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    I referred a friend to Discount Gun Sales in Silverdale, WA. He purchased a Sig .380 for his wife. The sales representative indicated that the 5% Military Discount didn't apply because the gun was a limited edition. We later discovered from Sig. that it was in no way a limited edition. The sales person also told him by law he was required to ship the gun back to the manufacturer (Sig.) for warranty repairs through an FFL and used deception to sell him a FFL shipping warranty for $75. In addition my Veteran friend was not provided with the shipping warranty agreement, but was only given a vague verbal explanation. When he went back to ask for it in writing the same store representative couldn't produce it. This store also charges a 3% surcharge for purchases made with a credit card. No other gun stores charge this fee. I and my friend went back to the store and confronted the same sales representative with the misleading information and asked for the 5% discount and the cancellation of the FFL shipping warranty plus credit card surcharge reimbursement only on discount and shipping warranty. After multiple friendly visits and calls Kai, the sales person indicated that the home office would be providing my friend with a partial refund by check. No sooner had my friend heard this that he was told that the partial refund was denied. The sales representative, Kai lied to the purchaser. Kai also refused to provide us with any way to contact the owner, nor would he reveal the name of the owner. I caution all my fellow Brothers and Sisters, active duty or retired to stay clear of this store. I am embarrassed that I referred my friend and fellow Veteran to this store. Discount Gun Sales is a shady and deceptive company. Stay away.

  • Jl
      26th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    Purchased a weapon from the local Sportsman's Warehouse. The company has taken it upon themselves to decide what parts of the Brady Act they will follow. They put a back ground check in through NICS, which is part of the Brady Act and ATF, it came back as delay, they decide not to follow the Brady Act three business day wait so you can pick up the weapon. They claim to have had weapons on the shelf for months waiting for the NICS to send them a "PROCEED" notice. I would not recommend buying a weapon from Sportsman's Warehouse unless you are quite ready to possibly wait a month or more for an NICS, proceed notice. The same with DGS, not recommend a purchase from such dealers.

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