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I purchased a high efficiency washing machine to replace my broken machine from their storefront. I gladly exchanged my broken low efficiency machine and picked up the new one and installed it into my home. The new machine had digital controls that indicated an error message every time I tried to run it. The message was LR which when researched means locked rotor and indicates a motor problem. I returned the machine and let them keep it over the weekend to repair it. I returned Monday and the said it was running without any problems. I picked it up and returned home and installed it. It immediately indicated the same problem. I called and over the phone, together with their technician, checked the outlet for polarity and voltage. All was correct and I even tried running the machine on different outlets with the same results. I returned the mnachine that day and they informed me that there were absolutely no refunds but that they would replace the machine. The next day I called in the morning and was reassured that they would have a mnachine ready today. When I arrived at their store that afternoon they did not have a machine for me. The original machine that I returned was back on the floor and there were several older machines in pieces on the floor. I was informed that their technician had quit working and I would have to wait. I asked about the apparent difference in price between the machine I originally purchased and the one they were preparing for me and they again informed me that there were no refunds. I asked about the broken machine that I had given them last week and they said it was long gone. I told them it was unacceptable and went out and bought a new machine. The next day they called and offered me the repaired machine and I told them I had waited long enough and that I would dispute the charges with my credit card company.The credit card company tells me that the language on their reciept shows that I accepted the terms of the sale by taking the merchandise. I found that this company had 12 pending complaints with the better business bureau in the last two years. I believe there is a pattern of deception in their sales practices judging from the nature of the complaints. I hope that I can recover the full sales amount from these people and that their fraudulent business practices get addressed publicly.

May 28, 2015

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