discount anime / no merchandise ever sent

1 United States

i placed an order on feb. 15, 2010 on the discount anime usa web site. on feb. 16, 2010 i was billed for the total amount of my order on my credit card but it was charged to "ganzianime/jp anim714-2561223 ca 9617". later the same day i received a confirmation e-mail from discountanimeusa with half my items listed and half the amount claiming to have billed me. my bank statement clearly stated the full amount was charged. so i tried to e-mail them, to find out what was up, through the websites contact sites and something called "outlook" came up. which my pc doesn't have on it, and it is the only way to contact them online. i looked up "outlook" and you have to purchase it. so the website also gives you a mailing address which is "DiscountAnimeUSA
PO Box 515381 # 49956
Los Angeles, CA [protected]
i sent them a letter about 2 weeks ago and no response yet. so its been almost 2 months and still no merchandise or follow up e-mails. i've ordered from discount anime every year since 2005 and i never had such a problem with them. this is a first. i'm optimistic and am hoping my order got mixed up in the mail because it is media mail and that's below first class mail. i guess im not really complaining just venting. if this was a scam the got me for only the amount on my order my credit card was not charged any thing extra as of today, i hate to have to chuck this one up as a lost but how do you get justice for online credit card scams.


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