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I called to cancel after 11 years of being a loyal customer, the reason why because I have been getting charged 4.25 to 5.00 every month(as far as I went 6months back)They charging me a federal cost recovery charge&a regional sports fee.Ive never been late I Waited 20 mins on the phone while listening to other ppl credut card info an details of other ppls calls until finally seen&hung upon with a women who said "who laid this down"when I finally got through again the lady was rude, unprofessional and I told her I've never been late on any of my bills an she said mam your bills was due 30th and we received it on the 8th..And I said well I can't help what happens when it leaves my hand don't I have like a 10 days grace period and she informed me that no one has a ten day grace period that they done away with that 2 years ago..Well after 11 years of sending you 129 an since you've charged me 5.00 prolly for 11 years for being 2 -5 days late.You can shove it and I will make complaint after complaint and I have my checks to what date was on every one of them THATS BS!! Oh and while I was on the phone waiting and listening to everybody else's details of there package an their very important credit card info that was recorded you should really go back and listen..Its all there plain as day now I wonder how many has just set an listened while jotting down numbers?!..I WOULDNT RECOMMEND YOU ALL TO NOONE!In fact SHENTEL GAVE ME TV, INTERNET, and phone service 103 a month!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!JUST TO LET YOU KNOW IVE NEVER NOT PAID MY BILLS 11 yrs that I've been with Directtv not even close...;)

Apr 03, 2017

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