DirecTVcustomer service / sales

I had a 2-year contract with Directv as a result of a bundling marketing offer after signing up with Exede Internet Service. The two years expired in January 2017, right now. Yesterday I called to terminate my service. I was told that I had committed to another 2-year contract. Huh??? It turns out that we called Directv Customer Service last month (December 2016) to change our programming. Reduce the costs. The customer service representatives told us to help us out he would reduce the monthly bill by $15 for the next two years. So, my wife said OK. What the customer service rep did NOT tell us that we had just agreed to being locked in to a two-year extension to the contract. I would say that this is somewhat devious and maybe even deceptive practices. So, I have to pay $175 to terminate the “agreement” – there was certainly no meeting of the minds here. I will pay the money just to get rid of ATT/Directv. Never again with those bums!

Jan 10, 2017

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