DirecTV / at&t direct tv

On the 24th a month ago I called direct tv about getting att phone service. I was told about a combo deal because I already had direct. I got two boho deals on cells. I was quoted a price I'd have to pay when I picked them up and I had to pay $115 more than the quote. I called and the agent said for my inconvenience he'd credit my acct the $115, it's not on my first bill. I called and spoke to 7 different people because no one new the correct place to transfer me to. Then the women told me since the original cust service agent did not document it they could not issue it. The bull that I have had to deal with is ridiculous, I work in cust service and your company has the worst. If I was told I would be given a credit then that is the expectation and because he did not document it I again get screwed over. I am beyond mad and someone needs to rectify this situation. I am a paying customer and this is not right.

Nov 17, 2017

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