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I am an Online marketer and I am trying to get some sales for various products that I am affiliated with so that I may build my income and get ahead financially. Well, I have an ad submitter which placed 1500 free classified ads for me at one time. I thought this would be a wonderful tool, but have found that I am getting spammed to death. The spam is coming from Direct Matches... a social networking site. These people comb the employment sites and find you. I kind of understand what Direct Matches is but I never asked, nor do I have time to build some account where I have to trade info. with other people. I never asked what it was! I never needed it!

Well, I realize that I shouldn't have used my email address in my ads, but I didn't know it would be included. So, not only have I not gotten sales, but these great people, who are 'only trying to help'-as one of them put it, are driving me crazy. They say, "Your business could be better, you need us." and so on' How do they know? They don't know me.

My ads are for hiring people who want a real business opportunity. I also placed ads for health related products and I get no spam there. I always get so excited to see a new email, thinking that it is really people who want help. These jerks don't know how I get my hopes up... only to be let down by another piece of spam. I am sickened by them.

What gets me is that they are sending unsolicited email. If you do not ask for it, it is SPAM! That is not legal and should be reported. This is not what marketing is about. If you build up a good site selling your products then people will once to you and you don't drive them crazy. I would NEVER do sales if I had to do what they do. They give sales people a BAD name.

The company is Direct Matches, found at This is not the only one that is bothering me, but it is them the most. Avoid them. Anyone who has to beat you over the head to get business is not legit!

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  • Ti
      12th of May, 2008
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    I have been a member of DirectMatches for over 18 months - it's the only place online that I have been able to make sales.

    This person has received no responses from their advertising other than DM members - is that a clue or what?

    I know many people building a DM business and we do invite others through email - not soliciting - but asking questions... no one that I know of is "spamming" anyone. The honest question is - "How is your advertising going?" the honest answer is "Not too good."

    Then a more successful resource is offered. This is not spam - this is conversation - if solicitation were offered on the first contact, that is spam, once you answer someone's email - it becomes a conversation.

    Learn the law - before accusing someone of breaking it. Gain some experience - before slandering a value based company.

    The person who placed this complaint is an obvious amateur, without enough experience or knowledge of the industry to know any better than to insult and injure others through publically airing their misunderstandings.

  • Br
      16th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Everyone who posts free ads on the internet knows those building direct matches as a business spam others. It's even taught by their leadership. The people who try to attack these poor people being spammed are the real losers. They need to learn how to market. I've been spammed by them for almost 3 years now. Nothing but a bunch of punks hiding behind their computers. LOSERS. PERIOD.

  • No
      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    If you're using Direct Matches, then you are a lazy loser who sees ads for making money using the internet and thinks that it actually works. With the time and money you are going to spend e-mailing and calling people about uninteresting services, you could be going to college, educating yourself and setting up a real career. You're just a piece of the scheme and you're too dumb to realize it.

  • Us
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    I really get tired of people trying to sell me books, tapes, dvd, etc telling me how to make money doing every thing. Than why are they selling all this junk if what they say is true they should be doing it. You don't see very many doing what they are trying to get you to buy to do. I don't know of many that make much money and I know several of them. I have had an Internet Business for years and still have it. It is a solid business, its
    a hard business and takes about 6 months to learn it.
    Some day I may try to teach some one how to do what I do,
    I sale Garage Doors and have them installed all across the USA.
    I'm age 69 and I'll retire in a year or two. This has been a
    good ride for me. Before the Internet I did this on a small scale,
    now its on a very large scale.

  • Ma
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    I was contacted by these people - DirectMatches - after I had placed some ads in other areas and because I didn't know anything about them, went in as suggested and put in my profile plus photo. Meantime I have received so many invitations to join up with people in my Gmail that it is constantly full and there is no room for my normal mail. Yes this is spam. I then tried to access some of these people's emails but was told I couldn't because I needed a profile etc. and had to join a group or catagory. But how can they contact me and some have by email and yet I can't contact them?
    I have now entered my profile, photo and what has been asked for 3 times and still have no access to anyone. I am angry and frustrated and all I want to do is to advertise my business and get leads. I am now very sick of this company and plan to change my Gmail address and remove myself from them. Thanks DM for wasting my valuable time.

  • Pa
      1st of Jul, 2009
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    when you put an e-mail or contact info any where on the web you accept all incomeing mail and phone calls willingly.. because you made that info public..

    I even get people who post ads on my blog for christ sake..

    telemarketers get my number off my website. same for my e-mails..

    If you dont want this.. dont make it available publicly.. dont use your personal accounts.. get an 800 number, with caller id.. many are free services..

    make another e-mail for each placement of a public e-mail address.. because you will get spam..

    its not illegal, its public information.. and you gave it to them.. indirectly.

    Brian, if you dont know that advertiseing anywhere you can is a powerful tool, and is the first step to any company. then you are the loser. Yes personal face time is nice, an may get more leads. but you have to find those people interested in the things your selling or service your provideing.. before you get that face time.. And word of mouth..
    Or you could try selling door to door.. and that get you now where, but possibly in the hospiltal.. or worse.. discrediting your product or services.. because people arent as open to new products in this way in these times.. And most just don't want to be bothered unless they asked you to come by and know who is at their door.. before they open it..

  • Qu
      19th of Jul, 2009
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    Direct Matches is, in fact, the very best business opportunity on the Internet for many of its affiliates. For a small monthly fee one can build a very sizeable income over time. It honestly pays regular pay checks. Some have become wealthy. When contacts send me e-mails I do not regard them as spam because they introduce me to many interesting people, products and services all over the world. The company's director personally helps its members to succeed!

    However, free members will be very limited in their gains. What service or product can one obtain in the outside world for free that is worthwhile? For just a few dollars one can contact and advertise to innumerable business-minded people worldwide. This is not a social website of mass disinterest in all things other than personal hobbies and very brief and oftenvery odd encounters. Used correctly and as a paid member Direct Matches benefits both affiliates and non-affiliates with other businesses extremely well!

  • Al
      11th of Sep, 2009
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    I disagree with many people because their complaints about Directmatches is pretty much messed up. See it all sounds immature to me, sounds like amateurs money hungry and are dying to build their business so when Directmatches offers them a way they get their hopes high like the gentleman up there said and they don't make money.

    See if you knew anything of Network Marketing and how to actually do it then you would not be wasting your time getting angry and coming to a complaint site to talk about it. Are people spamming in Direct Matches? Yes, but then ask yourself why? Maybe because they are struggling in their business, these are people trying to get by just as yourselves. Should we blame the company for that? Or should we say "hey they may not really know how to do it effectively, " so then how can you as a "good person" help them out?

    You reach out them, your build friendship, connect and network, let them get to know you and watch them like you and become your future business partner. People join people and not necessarily your business and even Direct Matches understands that. For those of you who are complaining your just mad because you want to make money and don't know how. It is always so easy to blame a company and take the time to go to a complaint site to share your little emotional feeling. When you could be online working on how to effectively network online.

    I would have to say that if your different and actually try to build a friendship with these people then Direct Matches can work to your advantage big time. But for the most part your just like those spammers in many ways, your just trying to scream louder then the other guy to get noticed and when you can't you get mad and come to this site to blame people. "The loudest one in the room is the weakest one" Remember that.

  • Qu
      12th of Apr, 2010
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    I have not signed up yet?

  • Ro
      1st of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Review: Alternate sources of Income

    Whether you are looking for full time income or part time supplemental income, the following write up on DirectMatches will help you get started in the right direction.

    Direct Matches:
    It is a social/business networking site similar to Facebook or MySpace but geared towards business professionals. The advantages are:
    Does not cost anything to join. You can create your profile and then search for people in your field of interest. Exchange emails with them, tell them about yourself and see if you can provide them a service or vice versa. You can place Free Classified Ads to advertise you services. Participate in Blogs and Forums or start your own. You may even be able to find a job or contract through such business networking or establish a business relationship with another member.

    So how do you make money through DirectMatches? First you upgrade your membership from free to Executive I.R. for $29.95 per month. Second, you solicit small business owners and individuals to join the network at the $29.95 / month level. Why should they bother to join? Because you offer them so much value for just a fraction of what it would cost them to get those services independently. For example:
    DirectMatches automatically matches members with other members ("direct matches") with similar interests. In a way, it does some of the networking for members - a critical piece in promoting small businesses.
    The mix of members is very diverse. It's not all Internet and network marketers on DirectMatches. There are a good number of brick & mortar small business owners and service professionals, e.g., small manufacturers, computer repair shops, programming and service engineering companies, facilities providers, accountants, trainers, realtors, insurance agents, investors, as well as artists and musicians. It makes up for a very interesting mix and can be more profitable for some businesses.
    Find relevant contacts locally or globally. DirectMatches is an international network yet you can search for relevant businesses or prospects within a few miles of your zip code. How powerful is that!
    Classified Ads - up to 20 at a time. There are other free classified services like CraigsList and Kijiji but they police the number of Ads you post there and often delete / flag Ads without proper cause. If you try to post a second Ad that is a little bit similar or in a second city they reject it. Here at DirectMatches you can post 20 classified Ads and link them to your website for greater details.
    Press releases - up to three every month. A single press release can cost you $250 to $1000 depending upon which service you use. Here as long as you pay your $29.95 monthly membership, you can send out three press releases every month. That is $750 to $3000 saved a month. Isn't that an incredible value!
    Detailed profile - Members can write a full page Ad about themselves or their business.
    They can list their News and Events. An additional channel for promoting their business.
    Create their own Blogs, Forums and Networks - and they can create multiple blogs, forums and networks. They can even create private networks for their customers. Their customers join for free and subscribe to their networks for training etc. How much value can you assign to that? You decide.
    Post audio and video messages including slide shows and flash presentations.
    Listing in the business directory and yellow pages directory.
    DirectMatches is international so it offers small businesses to present their products and services to the whole wide world.
    They can even make money through DirectMatches, by replicating what you will be doing. And best of all, you get to benefit from their downline too.
    For any small business, DirectMatches offers value far and beyond the $29.95 membership fee. It's hard to say no to so much.

    So how does it put money in your pocket?:
    Every time your personally sponsored Free member upgrades to an Executive I.R. at the $29.95 level, you get a one time bonus of half of that, i.e., $15. If you upgrade 10 members, you make $150, upgrade 50, you make $750, upgrade 100 and you make $1500 and so on.
    Residuals: The real beef is in the residuals - that is what can make you rich in the long term. The upgrade bonuses described above are good to give you some money right now but the residuals create long term wealth. When you upgrade to Executive I.R., you start enrolling members in two legs, a left leg and a right leg. When you have four Executive I.R.s in the left and four in the right leg, that is called a complete cycle. For every cycle you complete, you get $30. That is $30 every month. So if you have 100 cycles going, you are making $3000 per month. Remember, this is in addition to the upgrade bonuses you receive every time your personally sponsored members upgrade.
    In addition, there are promotions and bonuses from time to time. For example, these days, if you build a network of 100 personally sponsored Executives IR's and maintain a minimum of 50 Executives IR’s in your organization you will qualify for a $2000 car bonus plus $350 per month to lease or purchase the car of your choice.

    Training provided: Yes your sponsor (supervisor) provides you training through written and video tutorials and over the telephone help.

    Marketing assistance provided: Yes. DirectMatches provides you:
    Back Office software that tracks the progress of your business and receive sales activity reports.
    Pre-written banner and text advertisements, email reply and marketing letters, brochures and business cards.
    Capture pages on the web for your members or prospects to register through.

    Do most people join in and work at it full time?
    Usually people start in DirectMatches part time even though they may put in considerable hours. It doesn't need to interfere with your day job. You can work at it at night, early mornings, weekends or whenever you have time to spare.

    How do I join? Cut copy paste this link here

    You can join DirectMatches for free but to be able to make money, you need to upgrade to the Executive I.R. level at $29.95 per month. So for less than a buck a day, you have a chance to start a business that in due course can potentially make you up to $12, 000 / week. Remember your primary investment is time. To start a conventional business, you need to have thousands of dollars to invest and you can work at it only during normal business hours. If it fails, all your investment goes down the drain. In DirectMatches we have a business opportunity that costs you very little but provides you the potential to make serious money.
    Once you complete the joining process, email me so we can get started in devising a plan.

    Looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

    Until next time,

    Michael Hoffman
    DirectMatches Executive
    DM ID: Rosarch

  • Qu
      26th of Jul, 2010
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    Michael Hoffman is my sponsor and he rocks! and I signed last week and i believe in this company, to find out who's backing Michael go to :

  • Qu
      26th of Jul, 2010
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    Anything that you want to have a positive outcome you have to think positively about it! Be positive!

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