Direct v President & CEO Chris Watters / charge the wrong account

Earlier in summer I decided to cancelled my account because I am in school full time and decided to cut back on some of my bills temporary. I spoke with a gentleman which was very nice to me about the option. In the conversation I asked him what is the remaining balance on the account and he was unable to tell me because the way bill system work and the mistake a previous rep make.The customer representative told me they will sent me a kit and that they will charge the balance to the most recently account after the due date, I agree, and I told him as long they don't charge to the old debit card that I have not used for over a year, and only to the most recent one that i always used, that is ok with me, he say they will not and he would note it . I did not setup any primary account with your company for certain reason and did not ok any payment before the due date. Now i have been charge with insufficient fund because someone decided to go ahead and charge me before I get a chance to pay my bill and way before the due date that was e-mail to me. I call soon as i notice an e-mail on the 15th of September 2010 and was told I would not be charge and the money is taken from the most recent card only. today September 20, 2010 after spending over an hour on the phone explaining that someone make an mistake and it need to be corrected by them I was told by the supervisor Angel U5372 that they don't do refund and I should have never cancelled my account because they only give 20 days to pay the remaining balance. I am very upset because not only she insult my intelligence she basically tell me I am on my own because she want the 17.14 I have to pay $42 which include the 17.14 plus $34 in fee. for a billed that is over week day before the due date and without my consent to do so. I was thinking to signup in the near future but i am reconsidering that now.

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