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Direct TV / roor damage

1 Lodi, CA, United States Review updated:

after mounths of complantes and three difert service tecks same picsulation and freseframing have kept ocuring and as an added bonnis the last installer thay sent out
damagaged my roof to the point that i had to have it replaced and thay wanted to give me $800 a little shourt of the 16000.00 it took to replace it i am now suing them
what a kick in the nads stay far away from this company

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  20th of Apr, 2009
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With all due respect, even if the installer damaged your roof, it was not a $16, 000.00 hit. Additionally, depending on the type of dish on your roof, you have up to 10 lag bolts mounting it, with at least 8 of them in studs, and hopefully watersealed. If after having a directv installer on your roof you spent 16k to replace the roof, then you had a bad roof, and you're looking for a free ride on Directv's skirts.

Having installed about 40, 000 directv dishes in the last 19 years, I know a thing or two milion about DTV and DTV customers. You have the good the bad, and the just plain fraudulent. I think you fall in the later catagory.

  8th of May, 2009
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Funny... I think YOU fall into the fraudulent category. Either that or you're just an idiot... Let me explain... Let's just say that you worked 6 days a week 52 weeks a year for 19 years... That's a whopping total of 5928 working days, and that's a stretch by most standards... If you work that number AND assume that you DID install 40, 000 dishes in that time frame, that's 6.75 dishes per day. So let's just say you worked 12 hour days for every one of those days, (another stretch), took 30 minutes travel to each job, 15 minutes at the start of each job to get out all your tools, and 15 minutes at the end to clean up and pack up... That leaves you with 5 hours and 15 minutes to actually install 6.75 dishes. That's just under 47 minutes per dish of install time...

My guess is, you probably installed your own dish and maybe a friend's dish too... But I'd bet my last nickel that you haven't been installing dishes for the last 19 years, otherwise you wouldn't have used such a blatantly bogus figure of 40, 000 dishes... I say you are a liar, which leaves everything you post suspect to scrutiny...

  8th of May, 2009
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I agree with wolf there is absolutely no way that $16, 000 of damage was from an install. Granted there may have been a little damage, but you most likely had a bad roof and thats why the whole thing needed to be replaced. You seem like a very un educated person anyway and dont know how to spell at all.
Good luck on the law suit that your most likely not going to win, because now you are giving them a chance to prove that your roof was crap to begin with and now you wont get a dime, and you spent your money on a lawyer, and court costs and now have lost even more money. AND if you dont get a lawyer your and idiot because a big company like directv's lawyers are going to make you look like the fool you are

  9th of May, 2009
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I like you wolfmaster prime, and since I can tell that you are a directv installer, I am sorry that you have to deal with idiots like this

  10th of May, 2009
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First off, before I get to the meat of this, I need to address Mr. "Realist". Your first mistake was assuming that the roof is mine. It is not. I didn't even comment on the roof damage or the $16, 000 alleged repair bill. Your second mistake was stating that I am uneducated and that I cannot spell. If you were to pull your head from wolf-guy's rectum, you would plainly see that there wasn't one spelling error in my entire post. This of course exposes you to be the idiot in this conversation. Furthermore, you poor grammar secures that position for you. So step off...

As for you Mr. "WolfmasterPrime", your additional post exposes you further to be a fraud. You now conveniently have worked nearly 27 years as an installer, not the 19 you first stated. My math in not shady as mathematics cannot be "shady". It is either correct or incorrect. You stated, "Having installed about 40, 000 directv dishes in the last 19 years, ...", seeing this as a blatant lie, I did the math. The math is correct, so we'll need not address that further. I've also looked into this "range number". Neither Directway nor Direcway, have any knowledge of a range number and they also stated that the number 03362, which you offered, does not have any relation to any installers. So are they lying, or you? Aside from a liar, you also expose yourself to be a bigot. Just because I chose the name Pedro for a login, you throw out the "documentation" comment... Pathetic... I didn't assume that you were some furry transforming robot because of your login name... Who is the hater now? Just for the record, I was born here in the US as were my parents. I've even served in the US military... A claim you obviously can't make. You also said a 3 room install takes an hour and a half. Well, they didn't 20 years ago as most homes weren't pre-wired for any sort of data cable. Not to mention that the only dishes going up were the large yard dishes and those required concrete, trenching, and assembly of the large dish itself. A full day's work at best. So stop scamming people with your bull.

You also said that I don't know who you are. Well, after reading your lengthy diatribe of meaningless garbage, for kicks I decided to find out. It is utterly amazing what you can find when you "work the google on the internet machine". Seems you have claimed to live in a number of places like MN, CO, OH, and Cornersville, TN... Your current residence I gather. How's that pet issue working out with the mayor, by the way? Seems that amongst working 6 days a week, you found the time to build not one, but two homes by hand. One that you claim to live in currently. And yes, you claim that you did nearly all the work... You claim to have worked for a number of other dish related companies too so how could you have worked for Directv for nearly 27 years, especially since they were founded in 1990? Idiot... You also claim to have, or have had a business for several years building custom computer systems. Were you assembling these during your drives from install to install? Oh yeah, when did you find the time to install network systems for businesses and such? How can I forget all the equipment that you claim other companies and the US gov. stole from you... And 30 days worth of commission totaling $16K owed you for installs... Do you simply live in a fairytale world or do you get off on people thinking you are the big man? You previous threat of me crapping myself if I knew you, indicates the latter... I really don't know where you find the time to do much of anything since you apparently spend an enormous amount of time on blogs, forums, chats, whatever... As for the installs, I don't think you can do 2 a day much less the 4 or 5 you claim. I know what you look like and with a gut like yours, you'd be tuckered out after two dishes. You can thank youtube for that one and yahoo forums for the confirmation. Oh, don't go trying to tell us that all the stuff I found was not you, because they all have common threads that tie each together. Funny thing is, I didn't find crap in the Microsoft forum you suggested... Why is that? You are just a joke Stephen Smith, or Steffen Smith, (you can thank yahoo for that tidbit). Probably not a real name either, just like the rest of your blathering. All I'm saying is quit ###ting people... It eventually comes around and bites you...

Well, Pedro decided to be the man... I suggest you stay home...

  17th of May, 2009
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Okay, you lying ###... You asked for it, so here's your nickel...

First I gotta tell ya, my friends and I have been having a ball looking at ALL this crap you post all over the internet. All these wild outlandish claims that don't completely tie together from one post to the next, let alone one blog to the next... Oh yeah! We also see that you've been pulling data off the web since lat week... Are you afraid that people will catch you in your myriad of lies? Since YOU offer no shred of proof regarding ANY of you above claims, (yeah, yeah, you say it's all out there on the net and we should go find it), Come on, be the man and post link to all this PROOF you claim exists. You can't and you won't. We've seen this pattern in a number of other blogs, when you've been called out, you don't produce, you simply wander off on a tangent. So, we have to conclude that you are a LIAR, or you are simply delusional. You bag on me about ignoring the nuances of tour text and tone... Wrong. I only responded to your DIRECT claims. You on the other hand, take the text you read and embellish to serve your need. I think you are the twisted freak here.

I, on the other hand, am going to provide a few of the links that prove to others what you really are. Hell, I'll even cut and paste a bit of your text so that people can get a taste. Then they can go to the link and read the whole thing if they choose. Oh and don't try to play me like you tried to play "cretin" on the Blair Hornstine Project blog. You two were such ### over a two week period that the blog owner shut down the page AFTER repeated warnings to you. You self-centered simplton. Don't bother trying to make this about me, like you weakly tried above, because it's all about you baby, and the liar you are.

It's so easy to see that all you want is to be the big man. You crave this pathetic adoration you get from people on these blogs and forums... And you call me scary... EVERYONE who reads this will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a liar. There is no question. All that drivel you posted above is unsubstantiated crap. Are you ready for the ride?

Wait, before we start, I gotta ask... How can one man who is 47 yrs old, hang dishes for 27 years, have served in the marine corps, have acquired multiple degrees, own 3 homes - two of which you claim to have built by hand, have multiple businesses, have stores in more than 11 cities, were under house arrest for a year, have personal security personell at at least one of your homes, have your face plastered all over a bunch of public transit buses with some wolf deign on it, run a crew of installers for the past 12 years, do all of this? You are a liar. You claim to be a native American Indian and elude to life on a reservation in your youth. We got pictures of you! You'd be lucky if you were 1/8 Native American Indian... Friggin' Liar.

So, he goes the ride down the rabbit hole you dug for yourself... You wonder were all that info comes from... It's you sweet-pea... The King of dilutions... The king of liars.

For anyone who wishes to see what Steffen Douglas Smith is all about, take a moment while drinking a coffee or latte and enjoy the reading.

This is the Blair Hornstine link. This is only the last couple weeks of the blog but you'll see what I mean.

This is a clip from that link just as a taste:
>Here is the difference... one: the information you posted is freely available on the net because of my business, Blair's is not. I am listed in many business guides for my areas, I >am listed in all of my various market yellow pages, and my face is plastered on billboards from here to Florida, and back again. I am a PUBLIC persona, I have a sucessful >business, I have a public life. Don't be fooled into thinking that if you were to show up on my property after hours, set off a motion detector, and ignore the no tresspassing >signs that I wouldn't put a hole right through your head. I would. I have a private life, and that is not your business. Neither is Blair's at this point. What you are advocating >is stalking, and it is punishable, and should be.
>You can come to any of my stores, check out the mullet some more, and stand in awe at the life I have. I don't care. While you're there, buy something, be amazed at the >quality of my products, how knowlegable my employees are, get a load of my picture in the showroom holding up our latest industry awards. Gawk at the see through >computers, the systems built in freezers, the way we make the impossible seem commonplace. That's my public side. A lot of folks even ask for my autograph. They don't >come to my house. They don't interfere with me when I'm at a function. They took lots of pictures outside the church where I got married, they were not invited in.
>By all means come to a store, don't mind the armed gaurd at the door, or the metal detector, it's to protect the average 2.4 million dollars of display merchandise in each >store. Don't be offended if he wants you to empty your pockets. And don't think I'm being overly cautious, after all I have an image to protect, and a store full of goodies that >most folks would kill to have. If I'm in the store, don't be afraid to speak to me, I'll be happy to speak to you. But if I'm in my car, don't expect me to pay much attention to you. >If I'm cutting my grass down at the property line, don't expect me to be all happy to see you with your cameras and attitude. If you climb the fence, don't be upset that my >security people know about it before you touch the ground, and don't mind the dogs, they only chew until you stop fighting. If you happen to see a bus with my face on it >going by, be sure to check out the whole bus, (it's done up like a wolf, pretty cool), but don't be too mad if I don't grant you an interview. Do be cautious of approaching me at >a resturaunt, I'm there to eat, not talk to you, and I have a habit of provoking ###s, and then when they swing, (I always have wittnesses), I beat the ### out them for >sport. Having various training really helps in that department.
>In other words, mind your own, and I won't have to educate you as to what the laws and MY RIGHTS are. Likewise, leave Blair alone, so you don't have to be educated as to >her rights to privacy. You may be surprised that they're not as limited as you think.
>Regardless of what she did, she is no longer in the public eye. Your rights are limited, and hers are far stronger than yours in that regard. Believe it.
>You do not have the upper hand.
>Final note wthey, if you had published personal information, three things would have happened, one I would have to sue Adam to recover the logs, including your IP. I would >have to sue your IP to determine who you are, and then I would have the local authorities prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law for such a disclosure. Then, I'd sue you >straight to hell, and when I was finished, you'd spend the rest of your life paying me for your actions. Believe that, too.
>I trust I've made my position perfectly clear.
>--posted by S. Douglas-Smith @ Saturday, November 15 2003, 17:43 pm EST

There are other contradictions in there that our good ol' wolfguy tries to explain away, but is simply put on the spot with some weak retort that carries no weight. Just like all your crap above. PROVE it or just shut up and go away you LIAR... We just can't seem to find any record of you having all of these stores and businesses and such. You made these outlandish claims, now back them up... Oh wait! You can't!!!

Here is the link to his so called big business. It sure doesn't belong to you or any Hardware Homicide...

This is the one he has posted on Yahoo360 where he makes NO MENTION of installing dishes. Pictures of our little indian boy can be see here too.

This is the youtube of our fat-assed indian boy. Does this look like the home of a guy with a personal security team and businesses scattered over the eastern US?

Here are some other things you can pop into Google and have a laugh at the resident LIAR. wolfmasterprimealpha, wolfmasterprime, uncleshauwie, designwolf, designwulf, steffe'n smith, stephen smith, to name a few. Yes, they are all you big boy... You can run, but you can't hide from what you've slathered all over the internet...

Well folks, if you care to be bothered, have a look at the links. Read them. This is a clue to stop taking what people like Steve here, post as gospel or at minimum, face value. You will find a pattern to what he does. First comes the boasting. Then when he's call to prove or called out on a blatant contradiction, he cries victim, (in Blair, it was wife & kid killed by drunk, here it's cancer), to distract from having to pony up the goods. He'll then throw out the military card. If all else fails, he simply ignores the requests of proof. It's all about Steffen, (or whatever), just read the last couple weeks of Blair, out of all of his postings, very few were related to the topic of Blair herself. Classic pattern for this guy. Just look at the mega-post above he threw out last week. It has all of the typical marks I noted. Oh yeah! The clincher! Look at the time and date stamp on many of his posts. A lot of them are real late at night and during work-day times. Times when a guy who works 6 days a week running some crew should either be sleeping or hanging/QC'ing dishes... Freakin' LIAR!

I did all of this because I simply hate internet liars like this guy who like to deceive regular folks like us. Not to mention that he didn't just get caught and go away, he goaded me into digging up his rabbit hole. I have so enjoyed this, actually, we have enjoyed this, but my work is done here. The proof is out there and I brought it. Wolfie did not.

So Stevie, if you ever get out to Cali, I have a bright shiny nickel just waiting for you just in case you don't think this is payment in full... Jackass...

  17th of May, 2009
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Oh my goodness!!!

  17th of May, 2009
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You still haven't proven crap here... I can post pics of me vacationing in Main too! Those med scans don't prove ### either. They may be real, but they don't prove ###. Where's the links to all those stores you owned? Where is ONE picture of a bus with your face and some wolf design on it? You're just a joke. The crappy links you offered go nowhere towards proving the wild claims you've made over the years.

Besides, the whole point of this is to show that you never hung the 40, 000+ dishes you claimed. What with you being sooo busy with businesses, earning degrees, house arrest, and especially if you are soooo sick... Oh yeah, what a crappy shave-job you did on your head, (easy to see the nicks)... So we know that wasn't chemo, otherwise your beard would have been toast too, ya dumb-###...

You wonder why I don't address any of the specifics in your latest posts here, because it's all lies and I'll not fall into the trap you have snared others with. You can claim whatever you want about yourself. I just don't think people should accept what they read at face value. Maybe I'll have a little go at finding other blogs and forums that you currently frequent and post up some awareness for the benefit of others... That should help fill up all that free time you have while sitting around blogging and NOT working...

The most amazing thing about all of this is the wild claim you made in Blair about finding God and being a better person... What a load of crap. You threaten people with bodily harm, me included, (read 15th paragrah of your last post and also Blair link), and the worst of it, is the habitual lying. People who find God work to be better people, not the Jackass that you are... Try something new for once... Tell a real truth. Not some made-up crap from the La-La land you live in...

  17th of May, 2009
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Hahahaha! What a joke! Ever the liar! So you got some spots on an MRI... Doesn't mean cancer, you simpathy hound. So you hung a dish or three... That pic was taken in February this year... Where's this crew you QC? It ain't nothing but you. And there aren't not 40, 000+ dishes to your credit. Weak ### proof... Where's the pics and links to all those 11+ stores you claimed that had 2+ million dollars worth of merchandise in each? Where's the pic of the wolf logo bus with your face on it? I'm bettin' that'll take you a lot longer to fabricate? For a guy with all that you'd be living in the lap of luxury not hanging dishes in the middle of a Main winter that you say you can hardly tolerate... WHAT A FRIGGIN' LIAR... By the way, what kind of guy, other than a sympathy hound, would post his personal medical data all over the internet? Only a guy with some crap that turned out to be nothing who revels in sympathy!

Now quit trying to redirect people's attention by trying to make this about me. We can all see through that. Come on! Pony up the proof and clear your so-called good name about these businesses and the buses and the three homes, and blah, blah, blah, you currently have, because we aren't ever gonna believe you hung over 40, 000 dishes... LIAR.

This is gonna be just like it was with "cretin" in the Blair pages... You just can't accept it when you are busted cold and you can't let it go... So as I stated before, my work is done. It was for everyone else, not you, but because you are such an egomaniac, you can't believe it's not for you. About you, yes, for you, no... Go get a real life, not someone else's.

Oh, and posting to me, at me, for me, will be pointless as I'll no longer respond until you pony up the proof we all asked for. LIAR

  19th of May, 2009
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Not that it's any of MY business... You're the dolt that posted all manner and sorts of fake crap about yourself all over the web... You make it EVERYONE'S business... Oh yeah, you ###ic idiot, you can't even spell the name of the disease you CLAIM to have... It's called a GLIOMA BLASTOMA... ### Clown... And don't try to tell us there's another with your special name on it... We looked...

And here's a bit about that since you don't seem to be able tie it together...
>Brain stem glioma. These tumors, located in the brain stem, can be either slow or fast growing. Depending on the type of supporting
>tissue from which they arise, they can be either astrocytomas, anaplastic astrocytomas, glioblastoma multiforme, or a mixed tumor.
>In general, brain stem tumors are more common in children than they are in adults. Surgery is usually not possible in these tumors,
>and radiation and chemotherapy must be used instead.
But of coure you are on meds, no chemo... Jackass!

What a ###... You can't even keep your myriad of lies cohesive... You obviously savor and cherish the memories of a couple of dead dogs, but we can't find one picture of this dead wife and kid you claim to "not" have. We can't find one pic of a wolf logo bus, no Hardware Homicide stores, no Designwolf stores... We searched with YOUR info that YOU provided, (since you can't be bothered to prove one shred of your outlandish claims). Nada... Zip... Zilch... For a guy who APPEARS to be all about memories, where's the pics of the dead wife & kid? ANY man would at least have pics of the wife & kid he loved save on a page loooong before a couple of snaggle toothed hounds. There isn't crap about the drunk, the deaths, anything... What a sympathy whore...

And this from a guy who claims to be on God's path...

LIAR wrote: "Do be cautious of approaching me at a restaurant, I'm there to eat, not talk to you, and I have a habit of provoking ###s, and then when they swing, (I always have witnesses), I beat the ### out them for sport. Having various training really helps in that department."

For sport!!?? Did you folks read that?!?

Oh yeah, since you like math so much, try this on for size ya jackass...

Jackass wrote in Blair: "You can come to any of my stores, check out the mullet some more, and stand in awe at the life I have." "By all means come to a store, don't mind the armed guard at the door, or the metal detector, it's to protect the average 2.4 million dollars of display merchandise in each store."

Somewhere else in Blair you claimed 11+ stores, (by naming 11 cities and following with "to name a few"). So here's your math ###-bucket... You claim to have let your stores go due to health. A store with approx. 2.4 million in display inventory implies that there is additional inventory not displayed. But just for you, I'll only use the 2.4 mil & 11 stores... Some given's... A store with 2.4 mil in inventory, typically sells 4 to 8 times that $ figure in gross sales each year. We'll use the median number of 6 times. So you have 6 x 2.4 mil, that's 14.4 mil in gross sales per year. A typical sale of a successful store of that $$ volume would usually be based on 3 to 5 years gross sales. I'll give you 4. That means that for each store you sold because you were sicky-poo, you grossed a whopping $57.6 mil. Now lets multiply that out over 11 stores... Holy ratshit, batman, that's $633.6 MILLION DOLLARS! (My layer friend confirms this.) And you want to tell us that you are near broke from medical bills... You total bills for the last two years, (that's how old your fake MRI & xRay are), couldn't amount to more than a few hundred grand since there is no surgery to do... (My Doctor friend confirms this.) Listen, peanut, if you ain't sittin' on $600+ million dollars, you are either the BIGGEST IDIOT on the planet, A LIAR...

Furthermore, one of my other buddies took the time to call the Chamber of Commerce AND the Public Transit Authority in four, yes, four of the cities YOU named as having these stores, buses, your name, your picture... I'm sure you won't be surprised that in the last 10 years, (which goes back looong before your Blair Hornstine claim), they confirmed NOTHING. No! No! Not that they couldn't find anything, they said NO, absolutely not was there anything with the specific info as well as anything along the lines of the info. FRIGGIN' LIAR!!!

Also, since you embellished, (like you always do), about me being an installer, (never said I was), I went and made me a new friend, the likable guy that I am... Yes Steffen, he works as an installer of directv dishes & equipment. He's about my age, and been doing it for nearly 14 years, so I'd say he's credible. He confirms that you are indeed a LIAR... No freakin' way you hung OVER 40, 000 dishes and the like in 27 years... Especially not the 19 years you originally claimed, (here's a bit of your post as a reminder):

Steve-O wrote: "Having installed about 40, 000 directv dishes in the last 19 years, I know a thing..." blah, blah blah...

So here's a full silver dollar if you still don't think you got your nickel's worth... In the oh, so eloquent words of Matt Damon in "Rounders", "If you still ain't feelin' satisfied, I can go on bustin' you up all night."

It all comes full circle... Those wolves you so love, snappin' at your ### like alligators... You won't/can't provide proof. No one can confirm your claims... Actually, some of the wild claims have been down right refuted... So if you are smart Stevie, you'll take this sage advice from this wise, wise man...

If you want to know who I am, just go here and you'll find out how I know you're such a douche...

For all you folks who want to see what kind of products Steve-O was probably selling at all of those imaginary stores, go here...

Now stop projecting and asking me for proof, I never made any wild claims.

Pedro, he no play nice...

  30th of Jun, 2009
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what a load. wish i knew how a crew could hang 300 dishes. the most ive done is 5 a day. and thats pushing it. thats also with a couple of those prewired. i pity the fool who installs satellite. for that must be the only job out there.

  16th of Mar, 2011
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Do they not have schools in Lodi CA?

  7th of Aug, 2011
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your area probably doesnt have hd local channels...

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