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Direct TV / dishonest and thieves

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I canceled my service with direct tv and requested they mail me the return kit for the convertor box because I was moving. I advised of the date I was moving and that I would need the kit before that date. Twice I contacted them regarding this. They mailed the kit the day after I moved. When I finally got a new address they billed me for the convertor box because I had not returned it after I had again contacted them to give them a good address to mail me the return kit. So now they have my money and the convertor box. They charged my credit card for the cost of the box! I contacted them for a refund and they said "the check is in the mail. " what check? Credit my card. They do not do refunds on credit cards, just charges. Oh by the way, it will take six to eight weeks to get the refund. What crap. Stay away from them. They are dishonest and thieves.

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  • Di
      26th of Nov, 2010
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    I signed up for Direct TV when I signed up for the triple play with Verizon last year. Of course, I had to sign on to Direct TV for a two year contract. At that time I did not get the local channels but I kept getting assurance that it was "definitely" on its way to my area. I was directed to go online and get a waiver for CBS, ABC, Fox and NBC from the east coast area (New York.). CBS, Fox and ABC granted me a waiver for $2.50 each a month. NBC refused. Finally, when I called this past fall they told me that the local channels would be available in my area in November. But I had to keep calling to find out. Today when I called they said it is now available in my area. However, I would have to upgrade my equipment to HD. I said okay what is that? One time fee of $199 for my livingroom TV with DVR and an additional $94.29 for my bedroom TV. Then they will charge me an additional $10.00 a month for local service. What happened to the free local service that they advertise??? I told the poor sales person who had to listen to my bad language for 5 minutes that I felt it was a rip off and that Direct TV was sounding more like the Comcast everyday with the additional fees and costs. If things don't change I will definitely seek my service elsewhere or just sell the TV's and start listening to music.

  • Gh
      6th of Mar, 2011
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    When I moved to Rhode Island from New York, the only TV service that carried the YES channel was Direct TV. The original sales person, who sounded like he was drunk, told me that I would get the YES channel. After the installation I put on the YES channel to watch a Yankee game and found that I did not have the service. I called Dircet TV and was told that it takes time for all of the channels to load up. Two days? When I still get it two days later, I again called was told this time that I had buy a certain sports package (additional $150.00) to get the channel. I paid them the money and again two days still did not have the service. I called again and now was told that the only way to get the Yes channel was to purchase their top of the line sports package (additional $250.00). Even with this additional I would only beable to get 42 games out of 162. I told them that I was tired of being lied to, I wasn't going to pay them anymore money and that I wanted to cancel their service. They said it would cost me $491.00 to do so and told them what they could do with their cancellation fee. I then spoke to a woman in their disconnect department who after I told her the whole story, she told me that she was going to write up the original salesman for misleading me. I also told her that I wanted them to take down their equipment and make any repairs needed to my roof. She was very sympathetic but said that I would still have to pay the disconnect fee. I told her no way and that I wanted to speak to the President of the company. She told me she couldn't transfer my call to him, but when I received my last bill, with the disconnect fee on it, there would be a phone number on the back of the bill which would connect me direct to the President's office. I got the bill, called the number listed on the back and was connected to the Service Department. The woman who was so sympathetic lied to me as well. I called DirectTV three times over the next 2 months telling them to come and get their crap off of my roof. No one ever came. I finally stopped calling. Each time I got another bill, I threw it in the garbage. I finally got a bill from a Collection Agency. I called them and told them I wasn't paying it and the reason why and told them their client could take me to court where they would lose as I had the entire story documented and would have this wedbsite with me to show the Judge what a crap company Direct TV really is. I never heard anything further. Eight months later I got another bill from another Collection Agency, which I threw in the garbage. Meanwhile, no one ever came to take down the dish. It was now time to get back and I did some research. I found out who the CEO of the company is (David White) and where headquarters is ( El Segundo, CA) and started sending him bills for free advertising they thought they were getting by not taking down their dish. I was charging them $2.00 per day and back charged them to the month after I had last demanded they take down the dish. Each bill has been sent directly to Davd White via registered mail. After White received my first 2 bills I got a phone call from a flunky employee who told me that they would not pay my bill and they had no one who could come take down the dish. I was also told that the dish was actually mine as I had payed for it in the beginning. There is no way that I paid for this dish with the little amount of money I originally laid out. Another lie. I then told each flunky that they had installers who could just as easily remove the dish and make the needed repairs to my roof. I was told the installers did not know how to remove the equipment. Another lie and I told the guy he must be a complete idiot to think I would believe his lie. I then informed the last [censor] that the bills would keep coming and when I decided they had had enough time to pay them, I would engage my own Collection Agency to come after David White directly. If this didn't get me satisfaction, my next step would be to go to the media. The bills are now totalled to about $1200.00. I think this is a great ida to go after this shoddy company and everyone else who still has the damn dish on their roof should start billing Direct TV for advertising. If you are interested, I will be glad to give you the mailing address to send your bills to.

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