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Direct Remit Gtl, AL / Wont Close One Account and Open New One, I moved for christ sake

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I have been trying since mid June to have new service put on my phone. Well it first starts with them saying my hubby hasnt tried calling the line and that was a (LIE N A HALF). This went on for 2 weeks almost. Finally after me calling them a few times, I get the Automated thingy to accept calls from him. OF I accept. THAN>>>First Im told, To Fax my new bill and code request with my new address and number, they say 24-48 hrs for service, (NOTHING), than Im told to Fax Old Bill #( which is paid up and clear of charges) and request services to end. 24-48 hrs, (NOTHING), than I call back checking on things and they say 3-5 business days, (NOTHING), than I call again later date and told, I have to but money on myPrepay account, I asked them why it couldnt be set up as the other was, which was nice. I could keep up with my calls and even pay online, they said Its a different phone company, OK so I go and try and pay with my debt card from my bank that has my old address still I guess and was told my Credit or Dedt cards have to match the New Address, OK so they never offer any other way till I said can I seen you a Money Order and or (Money Gram), he said yes but to do the Western Union Quick Collect (Blue Form) in either $25 or $50 amount. I did $50.00 It will take 24-48 hrs to post. (NOTHING) GRRRRR. I check online through Western Union and they have my transfer as (NOTHING) from GTL but that it did go there its for some reason not being posted. W.U. said to call GTL and figure the matter out with them since the funds were no longer in their hands, OK, I did, and GTL says now 3-5 business days, which is BULL.

I even did a AdvancePay $25.00 through Western Union on my new number and GTL said that Direct Remit and AdvancePay, were different but they would have that transfer over. When I call this and check its status through Advance Pay that its posted but when I try and call GTL, (NOTHING THERE) GTL keeps telling LIES ((((((((andddddddddddddd ))))))))))))))))))))Im being screwed out my money and nobody from GTL seems to know anything. Im out $70.00 and Im pissed off. I want something done and Im sick of being treated like this by them. State Facts GTL !!!
GTL IS UNJUST and UNFAIR TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF INMATES.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I cant even talk to my Baby. :( NOW -WHAT ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

Thanks, Marjorie Atkins

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  • Ta
      4th of Sep, 2008
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    I have got a few calls saying I need to set up service, which I have already done. I set up service with a customer service rep and I made a payment that they keep saying has not posted, so when ever I recive a curtsey call I give customer service a call thinking I have done something wrong. But they are NO help. They are always very rood, they dont care because it's not them or there loved one. I'm getting pissed!!! Something need to NOW. Thanks, Tammy Butler

  • Mi
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    GTL is like the only girl on an Island full of men. She can be fat, ugly and have bad breath but she''ll get dates as the only game in town. I suspect that giving people an option on different services would change the way their clients are treated. The fat girl would brush her teeth and go on a diet in a hurry.
    For a phone outfit, I can't use the word "service" in connection with them, their so-called automated system is the most frustrating I've encountered. If you require to talk to a representative, bring your lunch and a book to read while you wait. I can still hear the wretched music they play over and over.
    I've spent over $1000.00 to date and expect to pay another $2, 000.00 by the time my son get's his walking papers. I expect that alone would get me relatively good service in most company's. I work in sales on a commision basis and appreciate all customers at any level of volume. The differencce is I rely on word of mouth and repeat business and have to compete with competition.
    GTL somehow misplaced a Postal Money Order I submitted. I gave them the date purchased, the date mailed and the number of the order. They told me it would take several days for them to track it down. My only option, if I wanted to receive calls in the meantime, was to use my credit card. A transaction for which they charge over $9.00, for what I don't know.
    I don't expect this letter will show up in the testimonial section of their web site. Mike Farrell

  • Ke
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    Wow is really all I really have to say this place of business if that's what you want to call it is FRAUD preying on individuals who are hurt and would do anything to hear there loved ones voice. They took my 50 dollars from the wester union and say they applied it to my account but with no amount. (Hunh) I never heard of a such when i called they said I had to wait 3 to 5 business days and call back. So I did and nothing been 2 months no service no money back. So again I sent 20 dollars dame it they got me again with the same story. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH CLOSE THIS DOWN!!!

  • Be
      2nd of Jan, 2010
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    AGREE AGREE AGREE AGREE AGREE AGREE 150% !!! I am being called a liar by my boyfriend when he tries to call and you know when you get to hear a millisecond of their voice... Well its usually him saying Im lying and that i havent put money on the account!!! So guess what we talk about when I finally finally FINALLY do get to talk to him???? NOTHING! WE FIGHT ABOUT HOW LONG IT TOOK TO GET THE MONEY ON THE ACCOUNT! So GTL owes me and all of you who have these same issues. ABSOLUTELY

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