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I am hearing-impaired but do not know how to use TYY-services -- and I do NOT have a phone. I therefore communicate by email. I requested that my account for this Platinum Mastercard from Direct Merchants Bank (Nevada) be closed out/canceled because I do not plan to ever use this card again and do not wish to incur anymore charges that they might impose upon me if my account remains active. In other words, I cannot afford to incur anymore charges just by having an active account. I explained all this to Account Centrals Customer Service Department and they insisted I have to call on the phone. Since I cannot do this, I have requested several times that they do this by email, and most of these times I have been ignored by the Customer Service Department. I feel they are trying to hold onto me so that they can continue to charge me fees even though I will never use this card again. I am overlimit and have incurred late charges and can only pay about $35 a month even though they want more as a minimum payment. I think they should honor a customer's request to cancel the card by email if there is a good reason -- and I feel I do have a good reason. I am very low-income and should not have a credit card at all. I got it several years ago only because Apple Computer was offering it and I needed a new computer. When they issued it, it was not enough to buy a computer so I ended up buying one from a neighbor. I have been trying to pay them but it seems I keep getting more and more behind. To reiterate, I simply want them to honor my request to cancel my card by email as I have repeatedly asked.


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  • Li
      Mar 17, 2009
    Direct Merchants Bank - Terrible bank
    Direct Merchants Bank
    United States

    I received A phone call from a law office stating that I am being sued to recover the money that I owe to the direct merchants bank of god knows where, because I sure don't. I am either a victim of identity fraud, or they are the frauds. I have not owned a credit card since I filed for bankruptcy in 1996. they are claiming that they issued me a credit card in 2017, and that I charged 7, 000.00 worth the 'stuff ' and never paid for it. I did not apply for a credit card, nor did I receive one from them ever, I am in shock, I have contacted my states attorney's office and now am going thru the motions of trying to find out Who is responsible for this. This may seem very strange to some people, but believe it or not, some else filed a report claiming this company did the same to them.

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  • Sa
      Mar 19, 2009
    Direct Merchants Bank - Fraudulent practices
    Direct Merchants Bank
    United States

    I have been a loyal customer to Direct Merchants bank for 12 years. Over the 12 there where appx 4 late payments never over 2-3 days late. Paid them and went on. I have taken my card to the limit many times $8-9 thousand then paid it off in 1 payment. Last nov. they raised my % up from 11% to 27.99%. I called wrote a letter told them I would not use the card till the % rate came back down. So they upped it the next month to 29 and cut me down to 1, 000 limit.

    This is a company no one should deal with... Need money? Call the Mafia first they would show you more compassion. This bank has been bailed out with our tax money just like 'Chase' (thats a worse story) and they know we are at their mercy. So we pay to keep our credit in good standing.

    Our country is falling apart, there are no more morals or standards in these companies.I guess they have been taking lessons from our politicians, yea I live in Illinois. I even worked for one so I know how they play their stupid little games. The surface has only been scratched with Blagovich and Burris.

    I do thank God above that I am not in deep debt. And I will get these creeps off my back in a month or two. There is something to the saying if you cant afford to pay cash ... DON'T BUY IT. And the poor advice given to people that you should have 1-2 cards on hand is a lie.

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