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Direct Med / usless discount insurance

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they tell you that they are a discount insurance and when you try to use this so call discount program, not even the dr's on thier own list will take this so call discount fa even with this so called program i had been out of my own pocket ( with in my trial period) over $1, 000.

it is a crying shame when thier own dr's on thier own providers list will not take thier discount program.

i am reporting to the better business, plus i am taking it a step forward. legal justics is the key factor here.

if i was any of you i advise you to do the same.

it is hard to get medical insurance when you can't get it in the frist place.

where is the justics for people with health problem who cant get health insurance?

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  • Ja
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    I agree with you very much so. My idea when I first accepted this so called insurance, that I would be able to have coverage for doctor visits and physicals and so forth. Plus perscription and lab extras. I needed a physical for school so I took this because they were able to start the coverage early enough to meet my deadline. Not only did I have to find a provider in their network which was an hour away, I tried to show this card to a doctors office. I didn't even realize It said "This is not insurance" they completely screwed me over I had to pay over 300 dollars just to enroll and pay the first month and from then on pay 179 dollars a month fore about 5 months for what? for no insurance. It is REQUIRED to have insurance in nursing school. I have 7 weeks left now what??

  • Mi
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    they got me the same way i think we should all get together and sue it doesnt make since im a diabetic & they promise me that they would pay for my medicine yeah rite 10.00 dollars off now im out of 700.00 dollars an no medicine i had to go to my bank and stop payment, , , , , , , love to talk about it call me 618-719-9597

  • 12
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    I found it odd that not 3 seconds after clicking the 'submit' button my phone rang...but then they tried to rush me into giving them my banking information and thats always a HUGE no-no for me...but when I told her I wouldnt have money until next week and she asked 'will you card be denied today if we ran it' I hung up and did a search online...I never did find a directmed website, but I did find ALOT of directmed complaints...thank you everyone!!! Sue those rats

  • On
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    I have to agree. I specifically asked if my OB/GYN and the hospital near me was on the plan. I was assured that it was. A few days later I went to said doctor and presented my card. They said that they were not contracted with this company. My husband put in a call to the company and we were told they would be happy to refer us to someone who was on the plan. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and have no desire to change doctors. We also found out that the hospital wasn't on the list either. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your money. DON'T BELIEVE THEM!!!

  • Ab
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    direct med is a scam...I was told everything I needed to hear so they could get my money only to be shocked into reality when I used the service. Let's not forget the scam doesn't even call it insurance. They confirmed my doctor was in the network before I handed over my money...and guest what...when I used the service he's not in the network. It's real eye opening when you try to contact direct med for information after you give them your's a joke. They are taking advantage of many less fortunate americans because we are all vulnerble trying to secure health insurance. Where is the justice department...when you need them. All they have to do is read this blog to launch a complete investigation. I for one don't have the time to play watch dog...or invest in a long drawn out court case. So they got $493 of my money before I was shocked into reality. Guess the administration should look a little deeper at protecting consumers to bring health care cost under control. Scams like this drive health care cost thru the ceiling. Learn from my $493 mistake so you don't end up in the same emergency room health insurance nightmare.

  • Sh
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    My son was sick with leukemia and I couldn't get him insurance I could afford. After much crying and head aches I thought I finally found a solution when I came across DirectMed who said they could help me with a discount card. The lady on the phone assured me that this would make my son's treatments and prescriptions would be significantly cheaper by means of up to 80% at my local hospital and pharmacy. So, I purchased the plan and after giving them my credit card information and signing the contract I began to pay only $112 a month and I put a $249 deposit. That's when the problems started. I called DirectMed right after not being able to use my card because the hospital said it's not a valid and they can't accept it to either pay or reduce the bill. After arguing for about 30 minutes with the lady on the phone when she said the company cannot do anything if a hospital doesn't accept it, I replied, "I was told I would be able to use it at my local hospital." she then said, "You're policy states that you will be given up to an 80% savings... meaning we can give you anywhere from 0-80% in this case you got 0. You got a problem with that? I don't really give a ###. My job is to sell the policy not to hear you wine about it." She then hung up and I could do nothing but cry. It took me 2 years to finally get them to stop billing me for this useless service that never benefited my family in anyway. I am now swarming in debt and on the verge of losing everything, including my house, my car, my husband, and my mind. But I will continue to fight for my son. My advice. Stay as far as humanly possible away from these fake cards!

  • Ca
      21st of Jan, 2010
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    Okay, I have been taken also. How can I join in the fight against DirectMed?

    Calvin Patrick

  • Vv
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    they got me too they took money out of my account one month early i still had insurance through cal-cobra by the time i got my bank statement it was over a month so i was screwed i needed my meds and they totally lied to me about the coverage but were on our own i contacted the bbb they couldnt get a response so they already closed the case we need to stop them from ripping people off any suggestions? im in

  • Jw
      25th of May, 2010
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    Don't be cheap...You pay for what you get. If you purchase a plan that is $100 and covers supposedly everything, that should be a huge red flag. You get what you deserve. Either pay up and receive major med for 3-400 per month or pay less and get a lot less coverage. Don't moan about "how bad" the policy is when you were being cheap to begin with

  • Ps
      20th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    For JWillenhammer. Shut up you jerk. Not only is cost an obstacle for obtaining major med insurance (your statement of $400 - $500 a month is a joke, try $1500 and up a month), but if you have an existing medical condition, you will most likely get turned down. You have no idea what you are talking about!!! I am a borderline diabetic, and according to an agent I was dealing with, only one company would insure a diabetic. Well, he sent a request to the company and I was turned down, not because of diabetes though, because I had surgery to remove a herniated disc in my neck a few months earlier. So, no major medical for me unless I can find a job with benefits. I sincerely hope that a [censored] like you gets into a situation where you can't get insurance and get really sick and have your life fall apart right from under you. Jerks like you don't deserve to live.

    Now (as posted on another complaint on this forum) here is my experience with Direct Med.

    I too got screwed bi Direct Med. I cancelled after about 6 months because during that short time, I noticed the "Service Administrator" changed twice, with the third one showing on my bank statement as being in Beirut Lebanon. That's when I knew they were a fraud. I bought their insurance after my Cal-Cobra expired. They never represented this as a substitute for major medical insurance, just a plan that has worked with providers for "discounts" off their regular charges. They don't actually pay out anything to providers. The main purpose of this plan seems to be for things like motel discounts, rental car discounts, etc... I checked online for my doctor, local hospital, and local labs. Every one was listed. Well, my doctor did take the card because it was Beech Street network, but office visits were $10 more that he charges if you have no insurance. In Feb 2010, I was hospitalized for 8 days. The local hospital wouldn't use this coverage, partly because they already give local residents a discount larger than with Direct Med. I am also unemployed, and that qualified me for a charity that paid my hospital bill. I was supposed to get a blood test every 2 weeks after that. I called Direct Med for labs in my area, and was told that there were none within 30 miles of me, even though they were listed when I first enrolled, and I live in a city with a large regional hospital and big medical support community.

    My biggest problem with them is the supplemental insurance. That is where they pay you for covered body part losses, certain surgical procedures, and hospital stays. I am supposed to get $500/day for 7 of the 8 days I was in the hospital. This policy is like the AFLAC policy you see on TV (except AFLAC actually pays out benefits). After a month of trying to get a claim form from Direct Med, I finally called the US Life Insurance company (actually it is American General, part of the AIG group that got a federal bailout and gave their execs multi-million dollar bonuses and outings) and they sent me a claim form. I filled it out with the authorizations to release my hospital and doctor records to them for review. So I don't hear from them for a month and I call. They say they need more info and send me a letter saying they need all my pharmacy and doctor records for the 12 prior to my hospitalization. So I send them the info with signed authorizations. After a month or so, no word. I call, they say that they are still waiting for the 4 provider to send info. Well, I called the 3 pharmacies and 1 doctor, and they ALL said they never received any request. Ok, I called Am General back and talked to a supervisor. She asked me to get fax numbers for the providers and she would fax the requests to them. I faxed her the info and checked a couple weeks later with the providers, and AGAIN, all 4 said they got any request. So I contacted all 4 and got the records myself and FedEx'd them to the supervisor and they received it in early October. On Friday 12/7/10, I called to check status and was told that they have the info and he would EXPEDITE the claim through the review board. Well, no word again. I called again on 12/17/2010 and spoke again to a "supervisor", although not the one from before (how many supervisors do they need?). She said I delayed in getting this additional info to them and it only arrived in early Dec. I have the FedEx tracking info saying they received it on Oct 11th. So I am now sitting here with no job, no insurance, high medical maintenance costs I can't afford, so I don't get the treatments I need. At the end of the month I will be homeless (or check out completely) because these jerks can't get my claim steeled in time.


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