Direct Med / Fraud/Scam

1 4929 West Royal Lane, Irving, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 907 915 4800

I called and enrolled in this so called insurance. They DirectMed told me that it was health insurance that I was purchasing. After recieving temporary cards it clearly states on the card that "THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. I called my bank institution and they said because I used a credit card that I would have to file a dispute. This was only an hour after signing. I called the main number and t told them they mislead me and I wanted to cancel right away. I told them I called my bank and the payment was pending and not to put that order through. They told me that They were going to pend my cancellation and someone would call me in the next 24 hour. Why did they have to pend my cancellation, they should have just cancelled it. Do not believe this so called insurance scam I beg you. You will not be happy at all. Is there something more I can do to get my money back?

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