Direct Foods / Poor Quality Beef

1 Columbus, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 2285478675

Guys called Pete and Bobby stopped at our house when they saw my husband outside. Before he had a chance to tell me there were people selling meat they were inside begging us to purchase their "excellent quality" beef. Pete said it was their last boxes for the day and he would give it to us at a "special" price. I did not feel comfortable however I was assured the meat was natural and grass fed beef. The meat is dried freeze wrapped and comes in high quality looking boxes. Eventually I gave in and wrote out a check for $318.
After a few days I broiled two piece's of fillet and was disgusted with the meat. The meat was tough, had no taste whatsoever, was full of sinew. Also my husband tried a New York strip which was just as disgusting.
Well my husband called Bobby and he said he would get Pete to call him. We waited a few days and no return call. I called a number [protected] and the gentlemen I spoke to said Bobby would definitely sort the problem out. He said they used his credit card machine to process payments for sales. I then called [protected] and Bobby called me back. He said he told my husband Pete would swop out the meat for chicken and Pete would call him, which was incorrect. Bobby said he could not remember if he told him or not. Anyway we arranged for Pete to come and swop out the meat for chicken the following Tuesday or Thursday. This has not happened and I have called them several times with no return call. They obviously have not intention of sorting out the inedible meat and we have been scammed out of money which we could ill afford to outlay. The meat is such poor quality I would not even give it away. Bobby mentioned in our telephone call there is one out 100 boxes like this, which is not a good ratio.
Next time someone comes to the door trying to force us to purchase products from them they will be asked to leave!

Jun 2, 2015

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