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Over last 10 years Bank went from the best to absolutely the worst! Letters gets unanswered, personnel doesn't know simple common procedures - example - I sent a letter asking to close my Roth IRA CD and cut a roll-over check payable to Scottrade - my new IRA holder. I have done similar roll-overs many times and procedure always was the same for the closing and opening the accounts and name on the check. In DFCU they even had no Customer Service - Sales was handling Bank patrons. They ignored my first request (didn't want to give me my money on CD maturity), ignored my second letter, made me come to the Branch in person instead of work and tried to cut a check in my name instead of roll-over check - meaning - I would have to pay tax on big amount I was planning to roll-over. When I explained, Sales was rude, completely unknowledgable and fearlessly rude. Finally one smart person told that Sales woman how and what to do - exactly I requested and what Scottrade asked for. My letter to CEO was answered, of course. In fact, it was a survey they had on the table. I stated they are rude and I am unsatisfied and explained why, but no one from Direct Federal Credit Union didn't care. BUT point is - their service is completely bad, they do not do what Client is asking, they do completely the opposite each time.

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  • Te
      Apr 11, 2008
    Federal Credit Union - Money deducted from checking account!
    Fedeeral Credit Union
    174 Madeline Court
    Mc Donough
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I was unaware of this deduction 31.98 from and 6.78 from PAYDLCS coming out of my checking account. I want to know what to do to stop them. This has made me very, very angry.

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  • Sa
      May 08, 2012
    Direct Federal Credit Union - VerRude customer service, horrible people
    Direct Federal Credit Union
    50 Cabot Street
    United States
    Phone: 781.455.6500

    This is the worst credit union in the world!!! I make my payments every month on time. One month the postal service delayed my check and it finally showed up one day after the grace period. They issued me a $20.00 late fee. I am never late on anything. I called and asked them if they would waive the late fee because the postal service delayed my payment. I called them and I was told it was not their fault the postal service was late and that they would not even think about waiving the late fee. Please do not finance with this company! They are nasty people especially Mr. Shapiro. He told me that there was no way they would even consider assisting me this one time. If they are that hard up, then they should go out of business.

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