Direct Axisfirst for women personal loan

I would like this matter to be sorted out immediately because I cannot continue to fight about the same damn thing with you people!

I have indicated to your consultants and the team leaders who are just as pathetic and full of attitude that you did the same thing of debiting my account at a certain time double, you did it two months ago and now First For Women on 31 July 2018.

I want my refunded immediately! I did not give you Amy permission to deduct money! Intact, your policy documents also does not state you have the right to just double debit clients' account without informing them. This is also after an arrangement is in place, last year when a payment was made you Aldo received your money towards the amount that needed to be be paid! Noe again, you have records and recorded phonecalls indicating the arrangement if me paying R500 towards the arrears amount on 15th of each Monty which I have been paying!

So what is this crap of you just deducting !y account! I have complained about your harassment and utter arrogance of asking stupid questions from your consultants before and calling at 7 in the !morning, now that you have messer up with your [censored] service for the how manieth time, you do not rectify it! I have indicated two months ago it was my last term of pregnancy and I have had to had stupid endless useless conversations with you people when eventually you refunded seeing your mistakes! Now again! No!!!

I have a small baby and I am now again having to deal with this same ctaso again! Because of your suit service! I sent you a screenshot to your damn collections department and others which clearly states the double debits and then you people are telling me its not showing on your systems! No!!! I am not going to go out of my way when i at home printing statements to you when you have received .

Aug 01, 2018

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