Diplomatic lifting & Couriier Service, UK / Want me to pay $1,150.00 to be able to get the package

1 United States

I meet someone online Mr. Andreas Wolf, we started chatting and said he send me a package and used Diplomatic Lifting & Courier Service, Uk. I received E-mail from Global Logistic Company SDN BHD Terminal Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International airport Phone number +[protected] she is pilipina I forgot her name. She told me the package on hold in Malaysia . I have to pay $1, 150.00 dollars to be able to get the package. I told her for small package that's too expensive. I called the sender Mr. Andreas Wolf of U.K my online chatting friend. I had mention about the money they want me to pay. I told him about the money they want me to pay to be able to get the package. He told me his going to talk to them. I ask him to take the package back and he said he cannot take it back because his in the sea . I called Malaysia I spoke the pilipina I told her I cannot pay $1, 150.00 dollars but I can only pay $200.00 dollars and she said she is going to ask to her boss. Why the package went to Malaysia instead here in United States? Is this real or fake can you tell me if this is real ? Can you tell me please?


Jun 29, 2015

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