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I will never return to DiPietro Todd. I would [censored] if I ever thought of going back. Sorry for the exaggeration but this place is so bad that you can't help exaggerating. They are the perfect example for a rip off. Their service is not worth your money, your patience. They do nothing right. They have no idea what perfection or even neat and accurate work is.

I had gone here for a hair cut last week. The cut was SO WATEVA!!! I would not mind spending a $100 for an outstanding cut. The employees were not professional in their ways. Do not come here and waste your money instead go to another salon where you can pay the same amount that you pay at DiPietro Todd but get better results. DiPietro do not deserve your business.


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  • Fr
      Jul 06, 2013

    On May 25, diPietro Todd turned my pretty, silky hair into black straw.

    It was so bad, they sent me to a Vidal Sassoon-trained colorist. She tried to fix it. Twice.

    But no one can fix all the breakage.

    They also neglected to rinse out all the dye. I didn't realize until it had ruined my outfit and linens. Kim Todd promised to reimburse me if I emailed her. I did, May 31. And again June 11. And left message, the last one July 3. But she never did.

    So here I am with fried hair and ruined linens and clothing.

    Unless you want to have hair like black straw, spend hundreds replacing ruined items and getting corrective haircuts, and lose a day of your life to this misery, avoid diPietro Todd like the plague.

    I really wish I had.

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  • De
      Jul 31, 2013

    Yep, me too. The colorist stripped the life out of my hair leaving it so destoyed I cried all night. they may have been good but those days are really gone.

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