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I ordered 3 pieces of clothing to be shipped to my girlfriend. They never arrived via UPS. UPS says that the shipper is responsible for a claim and tracking so I contacted to let them know that the shipment didn't arrive. That was two weeks ago. The items were paid for and the money drawn from the account but Dimout has not provided any assistance to locate or reship the items. They have said they put a tracer on it but UPS said they didn't. They said they would reship last week but they haven't provided a tracking number and nothing has been received. No money has been returned to my account. Dimout doesn't seem to care about its customers and does not provide truthful information in it's communications to is customers.

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  • S
      Aug 24, 2009

    I'm having the same problem with Dimoutshoes. Apparently several people have issues with them. I can't even reach them as their emails are returned as undeliverable and their phone number is disconnected. Please let me you if you ever get any sort of resolution to your problem.

    Dawn F

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  • J
      Mar 15, 2011

    Every package that is shipped by UPS has a tracking number. With that number you can go to the UPS web site, put in the number and it will tell you where the package is.

    If won't give you the tracking number, they never shipped it and are ripping you off.
    If you paid by a credit card, contact your card holder. Tell them that Dimout has not given you your items and dispute the charges.

    You'll get your money back. Good luck!

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