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I work at the dillards in Bowling Green Kentucky. The management there is very unprofessional and inappropraite. The other day at work I was called into the office by the store manager and the assistant manager. They proceeded to ask me about a customer that I had a few weeks ago and by there brief description I didnt know what or who they were talking about. So then they continued to give me further detail and then I remember some of the conversation that I had with the customer. Me and the customer were having a nice conversation and then the customer says that she works for dillards also. So I say how do you like it. She proceeds to tell me that she does not really like it and that the sales are hard to make and that alot of employees are getting fired or getting paycuts. She then says she thinks that it isn't fair. So I say basically the same thing about our store. I then tell the lady bye and that I enjoyed talking to her. I think nothing more of the situation because I did nothing wrong. So then he tells me that I didnt say any of that and that was his girlfriend and he doesnt believe me because it is his girlfriend. Then he gets mad and starts talking bad about me and how people like me dont make there sales because it is our own fault. That we never have an excuse and then starts talking about other people there negatively. So they then starting running me down instead of talking about the original problem. Which this whole situation was inappropriate because this was a personal complaint of his that he was yelling at me about that happened a few weeks ago. They shouldnt have even talked to me down like that because they dont know that it happened in the first place. Second of all they didnt even have anybody in the room that wasnt bias in the situation. Then after they fuss at me they tell me to go downstairs and get back to work and act like anything is wrong or say anything to anyone. I was already dissapointed in them to begin with but this situation pushed me over the edge. Because they literally made me cry and I to take my lunch break early because I was so upset. Does anyone have any advice on this situation?

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      7th of Sep, 2012

    Dillards does suck and good peolpe are loosing there jobs. What I hate is knowing the employee is being let go before they do. What do you say to a 10 year employee when he asks why he is not on the schedule. Managers should handle that not make us break the news to our coworkers!!!

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