For several months known theives come in and we haven't been able to catch them due to them running out before security, if they are available, or management shows up. These known theives have done far more than theft. This male has come in our store and would get into an argument with an Associate. The male will leave but call the same day and threaten the Associate by telling them that he is going to KILL them. The store manager, DONNA SMITH, knows who this person is and won't do anything. This male comes in with a female partner, which this female has taken pictures of an Associate with her camer phone. Tonight, January 4, two Managers were threatened and another Associate was threatened with their lives. The store manager, DONNA SMITH, was asked why she won't ban him from the store and she won't for whatever reasons. Which seem to be more important than the safety of her employees. When the male suspect called tonight he requested to talk to the Manager that wasn't white. He stated to the Manager that he was going to be at DILLARDS at a certain time on the Southside and wanted her to go outside. Ofcourse, she didn't. Police showed up, I guess for the Intimidation factor of just having the Police around. Doesn't always work!!! This male suspect drives a rental, the plate number was turned in, but nothing came of it. We are now up to 5-6 Associates and 2 Managers being threatened with being KILLED by these individuals.
So my questions is: If DONNA SMITH is worried about a lawsuit from this suspect, don't you think DILLARDS would have a larger lawsuit from the employees that may become injured or worse, KILLED?
These thugs are more important to DONNA SMITH then the safety and wellfare of her own imployees. Maybe DONNA SMITH will do something if she was being threatened with her life, that way she will know what trauma and emotionally scared this suspect is making them feeling everytime they come to work!!! WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO PROTECT THESE PEOPLE OR PEOPLE IN GENERAL!!!

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