digs Home and Garden Design / Our Motto: We Promote Theft From Artists!

digs HOME AND GARDENS DESIGN = THEFT FROM ARTISTS! Digs and its owner, JJ de Sousa, actively promote and support theft from hard-working Dallas area artists and craftspeople. De Sousa is promoting our stolen designs, swindled from us by documented criminal and serial thief Kelly 'O'Steal' O'Neal, on her blog and website, despite being notified of an upcoming class action lawsuit against these criminals and verified information on the history of long-time scam company Design Legacy. Are there so few good artists in Portland that scuzzes like de Sousa have to sell and promote stolen designs? Are Portland's morals so shallow and warped that y'all condone a so-called 'businessperson' in your midst who has no shame about handling stolen designs and merchandise? Please boycott this outspoken promoter of theft and swindling! Portland surely doesn'y need to condone this kind of flagrant criminal activity! Thank you for your support! Questions? Please contact [protected] and see our other posts about Design Legacy and owner O'Steal on this and other legitimate websites!

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