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Digital Communications / RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310 / Poor customer servcie

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I purchased a RIM Blackberry Curve 8310 from Digital Communications Group Ltd. A Rogers Wireless Authorized Dealer on October 11, 2007. I returned to the store one week later and spoke to the sales representative that I had purchased the phone from. I had noticed that the SIM card holder was not clicking into place resulting in the SIM card not holding. I asked if this phone had been used as a demonstrator or not and asked for a NEW phone. I was told that it was a new phone. My request was denied and the result was the tabs on the holder for the SIM card being bent into place.

I contacted Rogers Wireless Customer Care and explained the situation and was told that the phone had not been activated on the network before. I asked if there were future problems would I receive a NEW phone or did they only send out refurbished phones. I was told that I would receive a NEW phone not a refurbished one.

Some time passed and then more problems happened with the Blackberry. I contacted Rogers Wireless Customer Care and was told to download new software for the Blackberry that had been put onto their server the previous day. I did this and installed the new software on the device. The phone worked for a period of time.

On another occasion, I had connected the device to my computer and the device was not recognized. It would not communicate with the computer I had to remove the device and reinstall the battery. After reinstalling the battery the device was able to connect to the computer. I again contacted Rogers Wireless Customer Care and was told again that if the device was deemed defective that I would not receive a refurbished Blackberry but a new device.

I was out of town and started to have connectivity issues with the Blackberry on the Rogers network. Again I contacted Rogers Wireless Customer Care and was told to install the SIM card into another device. I explained that I was out of town and that I did not have a backup phone on me. The connectivity issues continued until I removed the battery from the device and then reinstalled the battery. Once again I contacted Rogers Wireless Customer Care and was told that if the device was deemed defective I would receive a NEW Blackberry, I was told that under no circumstances would I receive a refurbished phone.

Another time when the Blackberry was connected to the computer the device had connectivity issues between the computer and the device. I contacted Rogers Wireless Customer Care and was told to install new/updated drivers for the usb port that the device was connected to. Once again I asked if the problems persisted with this device would it be replaced and would I receive a NEW Blackberry. Once again I was told that I would receive a NEW device and not a refurbished Blackberry.

On January 29, 2008 the Blackberry started dropping the speed dial numbers including the voice mail speed dial number that is initially programmed into the device. The flash on the camera had also ceased working. I scrubbed the device (this is a term used by the device manufacture RIM for wiping out all information on the device) and reinstalled the software. I contacted Rogers Wireless Customer Care and informed them of this again on January 30, 2008.

I found out on January 30, 2008 that it is impossible to tell if the phone had been used as a demonstrator by Digital Communications Group Ltd because unless it is registered on the Rogers BIS network there is no way of telling if the phone had been used. The customer service representative told me that Digital Communications Group Ltd should have replaced the Blackberry when I went back to their store one week after I had purchased the device due to the SIM card problem. I was also told on January 30, 2008 that my phone was declared defective due to all of the problems and that I would NOT be receiving a NEW phone as I had previously been told by all of Rogers Wireless Customer Care representatives. If I wanted the Blackberry to be replaced then I would be receiving a refurbished Blackberry or if I want a NEW Blackberry then I would be charged over $500.00 for a new Blackberry.

I asked the Rogers Wireless Customer Care customer service representative to have a supervisor contact me and to date I have not heard from one. I contacted the Digital Communications Group Ltd. Store located at #9, Shawville Blvd. SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2Y 3H9, [protected] and was told by the store manager that the phone would not be replaced by a new one. I contacted the head office for Digital Communications Group Ltd and left 2 messages for the management. I had not heard anything from this company's head office until February 2, 2008 when a voice message was left on my home telephone after my complaint with the Better Business Bureau had already been submitted. I feel that it is best to have the Better business Bureau now look into the matter.

During all of my previous discussions with Rogers Wireless Customer Care staff: customer service representatives, technical support, etc. I had always been told that I would receive a NEW Blackberry if the device was deemed defective. When the device was deemed defective I was told that under no circumstances would I receive a new Blackberry but a refurbished one. I find this unacceptable due to the short time period since purchasing the device. In the past, since I make my living purchasing and repairing computers and electronic devices, I have found other manufactures more than ready to either replace the computer/laptop/electronic device with a new one when deemed defective during such a time period.

Since my dealings with these two companies and their representatives I have found them to be very dishonest and unethical. I am now requesting that any correspondence be via email. Unwritten forms of communication will not be accepted.

I have found that there are more agencies that are able to take action in cellular disputes. I will be contacting them if I do not get the result of a NEW Blackberry as requested and informed by these customer service representatives.

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  • La
      9th of Mar, 2008
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