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I was contacted by DAS in June and agreed to sign up for the purchased services referred to as "Client Marketing Agreement" which in layman's/woman's terms meant they would be attracting client to my FB business page. They assured me of their success in the Auto industry and that they were breaking into the Mortgage industry and had already seen success in implementing their business model from the car business to the lending industry. Their pitch was good, albeit their heavy tariff to sign up and remain in their contract for 3 months at a hefty monthly rate. They assured me at least 3-5 leads a month.
After the second month with zero leads, I was contacted By Brandon Barkley a sales rep at DAS and offered a month for free, since they had produced no results.
After another month of no leads, I wrote and informed DAS that I would be cancelling my contract due to their lack of performance. I was informed that even although my three months had been up, and I was now at month 4, I still owed them payment for the third month that they had offered for free. They charged my card for the full amount.

I have in essence laid out in excess $3500 for NO service whatsoever from this company. I have since reported them to the BBB, but because they know how to play the system, they never responded to the BBB, hence my compliant goes away.

This company is not only unethical, but they blatantly lie about what they can do for you. I cannot speak of their success in the auto business, but if you are in lending and they are pitching you their sales drive, I would strongly urge you to invest your marketing dollars into something that actually produces results. They are a sham!

Nov 30, 2016

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