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Mike, I'd like to inform you of the service your provide. They connect Facebook to Twitter and consider it social media? I think you have to be SOCIAL to participate in SOCIAL MEDIA. Your page looks the EXACT SAME as every other dealer, cool. Their "apps" aren't even "apps". They are JPGs with a clickable link, cool. Products "second to none". Not true, about 10 other companies over MUCH better social media services. Their graphics are also not unique or creative. They create 1 template, change the colors, and replicate on every page. Dealers are THROWING AWAY $1200-$3000 a month on their services. Digital Air Strike is giving social media a bad name by not providing results. Search "Digital Air Strike Scam" in Google and you'll find everything you need to know. They don't know ANYTHING about SEO or their "scams" and bad reviews wouldn't show up. They also BUY Facebook/Twitter fans for their clients and if Facebook were to find out, they will FOREVER BAN the page. Click on their 3, 000+ Facebook fans and their "most popular city" is in Lebanon. I recently saw a lady call them out about it. Not right. Their service also drives ZERO engagements and ZERO leads. STAY AWAY, as a dealer I can honestly say I have never experience such a terrible company.

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