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Digital Air Strike / Inaccurate Sales Pitch-Liars

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Digital Air Strike claims to supply Car Dealerships with a number of promises. First, they mention providing search engine optimization to clients. In the sales pitch, a number of statistics are claimed to be true about previous clients. These statistics were found to be completely false. In fact, Digital Air Strike provides no SEO for any clients. It has been found that they re post reviews on various social media sites, and post new content on Facebook and Twitter that is it! Clients of Digital Air Strike pay a flat fee monthly, however, receive a lack service to say the least. Why pay $100 per day for a company to post something on Facebook? Secondly, Digital Air Strike claims to provide innovative technology that allows them to be, "ahead of other companies." Again, completely false. They DO NOT increase visitors to websites in any form, they DO NOT produce backlinks for clients which is key to SEO. Everything they promise in their sales pitch is a complete lie. I found this out the hard way. Stay far, far away from this company unless you want to waste your money.


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  3rd of Jan, 2011
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Digital Air Strike provides a vital service to compliment a holistic Internet marketing approach and we stand behind everything we do. We are the fastest growing social media and reputation management company in the automotive industry and we have the lowest churn rates at less than half a percent. We don't have long term contracts and all of our data is 100% accurate. We provide many valuable services but specific to SEO, we augment SEO efforts by creating one way back links using high value keywords in the anchor text. Not only do we help with the organic ranking of the home page, we also promote deep linking within the main site. Additionally, the exposure we generate for each client on 50 social media sites affords the opportunity for content to be distributed by the social media communities thus increasing the number and diversity of IP's from which these links originate.

We welcome the opportunity to speak directly to "Annoymous123321" and address any specific concerns. We are not aware of any unhappy clients and the information and pricing listed in this complaint is not accurate so we would like to discuss where this information was obtained. Since you have not provided your name or company or any contact information, we hope that you will contact our client services director, Jeanette Cooper, at jeanette@digitalairstrike.com or by phone at 1-877-535-4242. Thank you.
  18th of Feb, 2011
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It appears that this complaint is not legitimate as it is inaccurate and malicious. Digital Air Strike is an excellent and progressive company that helps many businesses use social media. It supports forums such as this and helps consumers connect with more businesses in an engaging way.
  18th of Mar, 2011
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I agree with anonymous123321 and also, they have the people that work for them falsely give testimonies and ratings within the company to help support the automotive group they are hired to work for. Meaning: They write their own reviews for the automotive companies giving them the "Unfair advantage". They are crooks.
  23rd of Mar, 2011
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To address the comment from newyorksfinest, the statement you make is completely untrue. We have never and will never ask our employees to write testimonials on review sites for our clients. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you directly about this comment to learn who you are and where this misperception was generated as you must have us confused with another company.

Our service monitors for both good and bad reviews. When we find a good review, we promote it on our client’s social media sites and link to the original review with full disclosure as to where it is listed and the customer that wrote it. This is exactly the same as using customer testimonials in marketing campaigns. At no time have we ever created false reviews as this practice is not only unethical but the review sites thankfully monitor for this as they look for similar IPs repeatly posting different reviews. Please provide your contact information as we take this type of unfounded comment against our very ethical company personally. Our founders have excellent reputations in our industry and we would appreciate the opportunity to personally speak to you. You can also contact Jeanette Cooper, our client services director at jeanette@digitalairstrike.com or by phone at 1-877-535-4242. We are one of the fastest growing social media marketing companies because we have a complete program that works and we work with review sites on a daily basis with full disclosure. We are very willing to go over our full program in detail as we have nothing to hide and we are proud of our ability to offer a full service solution. Thank you.
  7th of Jun, 2011
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I completely agree with the above statement. Digital Air Strike is a scam and needs to be recognized as such. All car dealerships need to realize that this company does not provide search engine optimization nor does it offer anything worth spending money on. Do not waste your money on their horrible product, you will regret it.
  24th of Jun, 2011
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Digital Air Strike provides SEO benefits in several ways. Leveraging the domain authority of trusted review sites is one technique we employ. If you would identify yourself we would be more than happy to address specific questions or concerns. We have the industry’s most complete solution and we get results. We do not hide behind anonymous user names and would ask you to identify yourself and your company if you would like to have a professional conversation about how social media can give businesses an SEO benefit. Thank you.
  16th of Jul, 2011
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Very unprofessional! During my interview process (for employment) with the company, the CEO & former VP of Sales had no knowledge of what each other was doing. They led me on, offered 4 different comp plans (one of which I accepted) and then reneged. CEO ultimately offered the "opportunity" to be an agent and rep the company on my own dime, even though CEO informed me that I resided in a market that they weren't interested in because it would require too much travel and be too expensive for the company... Bush League all the way! In addition, a current employee told me the product was overpriced and getting stomped by the competition since the last NADA trade show. Sounds like a real winner.
  24th of Jul, 2011
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Complete liars, they don't know anything about SEO and will say anything to get you to sign up. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! DIGITAL AIR STRIKE IS A SCAM
  4th of Aug, 2011
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Here's a thought: If Digital Air Strike was as good at SEO as they say they are then why do these reviews rank 6th when you look up their company on google. They dont know anything about search engine optimization or how to get rid of reviews. Pretty much any keyword that is associated with Digital Air Strike brings up these reviews. Try figuring out how to be an SEO company then maybe provide SEO services to others.
  19th of Oct, 2011
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This company is downright terrible. They rip off car dealerships left and right. Need I say more?
  27th of Jan, 2012
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If they were a real company they wouldn't be using a Wordpress website. They probably have some lame Wordpress plugin doing the SEO for their site too.

Here is the login page to their awesome Wordpress website: http://digitalairstrike.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fdigitalairstrike.com%2Fwp-admin%2F&reauth=1
  8th of Feb, 2012
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I don't know much about Digital Air Strike, but I do know they have a pretty big existence in some markets because manufacturer recommendations. They have co-ops but are more expensive than other auto industry companies that don't have a co op and at the end of the day, it's still expensive for what they actually do. All of their accounts have not so great reviews on google and yelp, meaning they don't manage reputation. Reputation online is just as important as social presence.
If anyone on here is looking for a complete automotive industry social media management and reputation management platform that allows you to not only monitor and track all of the stats, comments, likes, shares as well as leads from customers directly from Facebook, then check out SOCIALDEALER. Now that goso went out of business, SOCIALDEALER is the only automotive industry specific company that provides a digital software solution that allows dealerships and dealer groups to monitor, manage, and engage with customers in real time. Social media is all encompassing, and when done the wrong way, it can severely damage the reputation and image of a dealership.
I would check out SOCIALDEALER AT www.socialdealer.com
  6th of May, 2012
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Mike, I'd like to inform you of the service your provide. They connect Facebook to Twitter and consider it social media? I think you have to be SOCIAL to participate in SOCIAL MEDIA. Your page looks the EXACT SAME as every other dealer, cool. Their "apps" aren't even "apps". They are JPGs with a clickable link, cool. Products "second to none". Not true, about 10 other companies over MUCH better social media services. Their graphics are also not unique or creative. They create 1 template, change the colors, and replicate on every page. Dealers are THROWING AWAY $1200-$3000 a month on their services. Digital Air Strike is giving social media a bad name by not providing results. Search "Digital Air Strike Scam" in Google and you'll find everything you need to know. They don't know ANYTHING about SEO or their "scams" and bad reviews wouldn't show up. They also BUY Facebook/Twitter fans for their clients and if Facebook were to find out, they will FOREVER BAN the page. Click on their 3, 000+ Facebook fans and their "most popular city" is in Lebanon. I recently saw a lady call them out about it. Not right. Their service also drives ZERO engagements and ZERO leads. STAY AWAY, as a dealer I can honestly say I have never experience such a terrible company.
  9th of Oct, 2012
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This company is certainly dishonest in almost every way: in their business practices and even with their employees. If you look up their company profile on glassdoor.com, you can get a pretty good idea of what employees experience (http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Digital-Air-Strike-Reviews-E406179.htm). Nearly every one of these issues have been raised in meetings with management and yet nothing is done. What's worse, is that they have started posting fake positive reviews on this site. How do I know? Because management must have lacked the foresight when creating this fraudulent account and used an email address that is disseminated to every employee on a regular basis. 'Rigger', for the record is the name Digital Air Strike uses when it sets up new accounts like Facebook, etc (and notice how it was sent to the DAS Facebook admin email address) For your convince I'll attach the proof (http://i.imgur.com/eDoP4.jpg). This email was sent October 6th, so take a look at the site and see how many new reviews started sprouting up around that date.

What kind of reputation management company goes out of its way to lie in order to manage its reputation? Before you consider hiring Digital Air Strike, please give this some thought, and consider that the management who run this company are nearly all dishonest people who will sooner lie about their reputation online then rectify the grievances of its employees.
  9th of Nov, 2012
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I'd have to agree with the above comment. I have worked with this company on numerous occasions and find there business practices to be malicious, and completely inaccurate. Digital Air Strike needs to learn what SEO is-look up the definition that will give you more insight then you have currrently.
  7th of Dec, 2012
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If this review is from a competitor, we welcome the opportunity to educate you on our company as we do not post fake reviews and would ask that you provide contact information so we can speak with you. If an employee is logged into our approved agency account on Facebook and then logs into a review site such as Glassdoor that could explain the Facebook concern you raise below. Glassdoor is a site for employees to leave their own, real reviews. We work with Glassdoor on a corporate level and we have asked them to verify that all of our reviews have an independent, real email. We have never and would never support any false reviews.

We have many happy employees and customers, as supported by our very low churn rates. Just like any business (including the clients we work with) there can be concerns raised and review sites are one way to do this. We would hope that anyone - customers, competitors or employees (past or current) - would be open to a constructive forum to discuss improvements instead of spreading anonymous misinformation.

In this economy we should support companies that provide jobs in communities across the country and find constructive ways to engage in discussion. No company is perfect but we are one that welcomes suggestions for improvement and we do encourage you to contact our CEO Tom Mohr directly at tmohr@digitalairstrike.com if you have any specific areas you’d like to discuss. Thank you.
  6th of Dec, 2013
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Yes, glass door is an outlet for employees to post their own, real reviews. How then can you explain your abismal rating and still claim that you are open to feedback? This is hands down the worst company I have ever worked for. I have been gone for about a year and have been eagerly anticipating your demise and it looks like my wish will soon come true! Let this be a lesson of how not to treat your employees. It takes a certain level of widespread to cause a movdment like the one that has been halpening to your PR lately, so keep that in mind. Good riddance Digital Air Strike.
  11th of Feb, 2017
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I was lured in with high promises and set up for great expectations. These guys are clueless! They have no idea what to do and how to do. They're work is so substandard - they don't even proofread it to catch easy misspellings! But they will glad take your money and waive some obscure clause in your face about it. My suggestion - don't walk - RUN!!
  15th of Feb, 2017
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So here's how this story continues... A couple of days after I post this review, I (finally!!) get a call from these guys offering to give me a full refund on what they had charged me. The want to part ways in peace, they say. So all I have to do is sign a document saying that I won't publicize my story. Well, as hard as it was, I had to reject their offer. And to be clear, we're talking about $1, 500 that they owe me which now they admit that they owe me. But the only way I'm getting it is by keeping my mouth shut. So I ask you - if this was a legitimate company, with a legitimate service, would they have to blackmail me like this? Wouldn't they have contacted me months ago to offer this refund, which they agree I'm owed? Shame on them!

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