Digi Telecommunicationscomplaint no:595752k7l9

In the process of migrating to other Telco, only to note that Digi trying to make consumer difficulty & prolong the process so Digi can extra charge the customer.Noted to reply to a prompt message from Digi but ridiculously the message sent at a Later Time and had to reply at earlier stated Time(shown in pic).What a nonsensical, Digi acting like a sore business loser or just to scam some money from customers.Bad Bad service.

Digi Telecommunications

  • Updated by Eddylim88, Jan 19, 2017

    Transfering Telco from Digi is made difficult. Understand to reply to a message from Digi to leave the Digi and migrate to another telco but the message was sent at a later TIME and must reply before an earlier TIME. What kind of nonsense. Act of sore business loser I presume.Bad Bad services.

    complaint no:595752k7l9
Jan 19, 2017

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