Digi Telecommunication Malaysia!unbarring phone / personal experience worst service from digi customer support

My mothers line was suspended for 4months since she was on travel. When requested to reconnect the line (20th May), was told that outstanding left about less then few ringgits (which was not even been notified via billing) so we made the payment on 21st May. Since then we have already called for almost 10times to customer service and the only response they could give is to wait for 24hours. 24hours waiting period after suspension until today (30th May), thats how 9days passed without proper solution.
Payment up to date, yet the line is suspended!!!

Have told we would like to activate the line by registering with another tel co company, not allowed since its blocked by Digi. Really disappointing and I will really influence as much people I know to say NO to Digi. I'm a very loyal digi user for 13years even after facing so much of network issues, connection issues, disruption, and now I couldnt bare more!!!


May 29, 2018

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