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In May 2011, I came across Senang-Senang menang SMS contest news and decided to participate since this contest is organized by DiGi Telecommunications (Malaysia's 3rd largest mobile telecommunications company), so I'm relatively comfortable that this would not be a contest that scams customers since DiGi is such a reputable company.

However, as I was answering the questions during the contest, I got a warning SMS from another personal number. He/she warned me that I shouldn't be answering A most of the time and I should read the T&C that states that the answer has to be sent via the mobile phone. I can't help it if I think the answers to the questions are mostly A. I replied using my iPhone (a MOBILE PHONE) to his/her SMS asking for his/her name but did not get a response after that. (Please see attached photo taken)

I logged a complaint to DiGi Telecommunications Customer Service immediately after that. DiGi Customer Service confirmed that this number is also participating in the contest and they will look into this matter. A few days after that, their Customer Service confirmed that the person's number is barred from further participation because he/she is not eligible to participate in the first place.

Who is this person that warned me? I assumed that the number belongs to the one of the contest organizers. Otherwise how would he/she be able to view my number and my answers right from the system itself.

This brings me to my next question. Why is he/she checking my answers? I believe I could be the highest scorer on the first day and beat his/her score; which triggered him/her to look into my answers.

The results are out (after 1 month of agonizing wait). I did not win anything. I presumed that I have been disqualified (out of spite) by the contest organizers because i lodged a complaint to DiGi Telecommunications Customer Service that ended up barring his/her participation, therefore he/she may have tampered with the results to prevent me from being in the winners’ list.

I'm seriously questioning the INTEGRITY of the contest and the organizers (DiGi and/or partners) of the contest. Please beware when you all decide to participate in the contests run be it by big organizations or small organizations. I've spent few thousand ringgits, many countless hours of answering trivias and played my best to gain about [protected] points daily but still did not qualify for any of the daily/weekly prizes.

Digi Sms Contest

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