DietMax / rip-off

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I didnt even order from this company!!! Somehow, they got my name and my boyfriends credit card number, AND charged HIS account!!! $85.95 PLUS $32.00 the bank charged in overdraft charges, TWO times!!! So, the snakey s.o.b's charged $171.90, the bank gouged for another $ 64 bucks!!!*! All for some damn diet pills I never ordered!!! AND, the RUDE woman was blaming ME for someone else knowing my name, address, and e-mail!!! You have got to be kidding me!!! There HAS to be SOMTHING that can be done!!! Now, my boyfriends bank account is frozen, all for $235.90 for diet pills, that I never ordered, nor do I want, and overdraft charges. File a class-act lawsuit, drag them through court, hell, throw rocks at them, but this is WRONG!!!

May 26, 2015

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