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Diet Max/ xtreme detox/ Max Burn / credit card fraud

1 P.O. Box 2999, Riverton, NV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-341-8071

I signed up for a "14 day free trial", which was stated all over the website only in very small print under terms did it state the trail period starts the day you order not the day you receive it and are actually able to try the product. I learned this the hard way by canceling on the 11th day of having the product. They told me it was actually day 16. When I objected to this stating the postmark on the envelope is was dated Nov. 10. They then told me I should have read the small print. I then canceled and told them not to send me anything else that was 11/22. On Dec 6 they accessed my credit card and charged me $83.93 this is in addition to the 78.88 they had already charged me for the Nov shipment. They told me I never canceled and that they had no record of my call. I then told them I didn't care that I had a record of the call through my phone company. That is when they found the cancellation call I made on 11/22. After insisting on talking to a supervisor and being refused (all were on the phone or in meetings) I was told if I called back in 4 hours I would be able to talk to a supervisor. This was at 5:30 p.m. 12/8. I told her straight out that they would be closed by then and asked if she was "full of sh**" she laughed and said they are open 24 hours. I called back at 9:30 and got a recording that they were closed. I had recorded the conversation and I did inform Maui that she was being recorded for my protection, she said "yes I knew that". Because she is not American she thought I was referring to the fact that they record all calls and didn't seem to understand that I also had her on tape lying to me. Maui also told me I had to send the product back when I told her I didn't have the product she told me she would check the tracking which would show her when I did receive the product. I asked her if she was calling me a liar. She then said that the product arrived in UT on the 7th. That was when I told her I was on the other side of the country and not in UT. It is now 12/10 and the product still has not arrived. They then said that once I get the product to send it back unopened and they would then refund my money. They gave me a P.O. Box number. I told them I would not mail it to a P.O. Box since they were caught in lies I would only send it back to a physical address so someone there could sign for it. I wasn't going to be told I didn't send it. They said there is no physical address I accused that man of being in India and not understanding how the American postal services works he (Allan) told me that he was not in India but in UT. So I told him that he is in a building with a physical address that is when he said they are not allowed to give it out. Of course they can't because then they would have angry customers knocking on their doors. I then told them I would not be sending them back anything since I could not send it registered mail, and I also told them I had canceled in Nov and they fraudulently accessed my credit card and what ever they sent me would be considered a gift. With all this information and recordings I went to my bank, Chase, and they are processing it as fraud. I will be getting my back for BOTH withdraws by Monday. I am also going to file a complaint of credit card fraud to the Riverton UT police. I encourage everyone to tape record all conversations with these people but be sure to inform them that they are being recorded so it can be used against them. Better yet don't fall into the trap I did in the first place. From now on if I plan to purchase anything online I will use a pre-loaded card so they can not go back and charge again.

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