I am out of 324.00 because I thought I was getting some good health insurance but I find out the hard way that directmed is not an insurance company. I called my baqnk and put a lose stop on my credit card and I am now filing out a paper for the bank to see if they will be able to get all my money.The website they tell you to go to does not have anything on it and when you call that number for the fax you have the wrong number because the last 4 digits should be 4803 but they had it as 4801. Thats miss leading I hope others with do they research before they sign up with any kind of health insurance company and the person who I spoke to also told me to tell any one that was calling to see if you need health insurance to tell them no because directmed was now your health insurance and that was a lie to. I hope these people get what they deserve because they are very crooked and every one who needs health insurance need to know this.

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