Diepriver Clinic / Bad health care

1 Cape Town, South Africa

two or three weeks ago a friend and I went to Diep River Clinic to go for aids test this is what happened:

they called "tony" in for her pre concealing while I waited outside, they then called me in soon after.

In my pre-concealing session the nurse asked me if i know about aids, i said yes and then she said "ok so I don't need to still council you"
as we continued with the questions on the sheet, i told her i never had sex yet and I'm waiting until i get married and that i just came to support my friend. she then says " why wait? what if your husband isn't good in bed?"

I was shocked and could not believe that she was actually encouraging me to have sex!

After the session, she calls tony in and takes my blood in-front of her and puts it on the stick as we busy talking, another nurse comes in and asks me for a cigarette. what the hell????

As Tony's blood gets taken I am sitting and waiting in the same room for my results. Once Tony's blood was taken the two of us stood in-front of it waiting the results.

They did not give us post concealing, they did not tell us our results, we saw it. we asked them "what is our results and they said "AG YOU NEGATIVE"

How can a clinic be so perthetic? Doesn't the Department of health train these people?????

I am so disgusted by the way we handled, what if I HAD AIDS? WHAT IF TONY HAD AIDS????

These people need to be fired or trained!!!

Where should I take this complaint? who will contact me about this complaint? i would like to make this known?

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