Diehard Battery / Core deposit

1 Grand Rapids, United States

hi I bought a diehard battery from the closing store in grand rapids mn i fully understand that there is no refunds etc prior to buying this battery i spoke with 3 different people including service counter and a manager they all told me they would
refund the 15.00 dollers because this was a added expense to the batterys original cost beings the store doesnt have a automotive garage so i could have the store change the battery i had to drive home to change it do the fact i dont live in town i wasnt going to return to town that eve also the store was closing living in northern mn winter conditions weve had some bad storms snow ice this last week to the least 2 days after purchasing this battery i return a core battery with my receipt and the store manager tells me they wouldnt give me the 15.00 core charge i feel this a poor call on there behalf there wasnt any time frame on this and thats the reason i asked the 3 people prior to the purchase im upset about this and feel taken atvantage of im simly asking for my core deposit of 15 dollars the way its suppose to be

Diehard Battery

Apr 6, 2014

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