Dick's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc - / Scammed Me Out Of Money

1 1516 45th St E # 200, Sumner, Washington, Sumner, WA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (253) 851-5519

I called up Dick's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc - in Puyallup and Sumner, Washington to repair my furnance. It was down for 3 days due to a blinking light code. The house was freezing for 3 days as I waited for these jokers to send someone out Monday morning. I was the first customer of the day obviously as the repair guy looked like he just rolled out of bed and was chewing. Didn't really look very motivated to fix or repair anything. I paid for a "diagnosis" sold as a "diagnosis fee" and and guy said all was working correctly now and call them back in 30 days if something goes wrong again. Next day of course it fails again. I call them up and they inform me that I would have to pay this "diagnosis fee" for them to come out again. They didn't diagnosis in the first place and I had 30 days. I got screwed and they took my money. Of course I declined the offer to pay again aka Dick's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc probably would just send the same ### out (fresh out of bed) and nothing would get fixed again.

I called up another company and it was fixed in about 10 minutes and was told it was a common problem with the units. In my opion from my expirence using Dick's Heating & Air Conditioning, in Sumner, Washington they just go around using the "diagnosis fee" as a bait and switch. It's really a travelers fee which may result in a no diagnosis at all.

From my expirence using them, I would recommend that draw your own conclusion but mine was I will never use this DicksHeating scamming company again. They are only good at scamming people out of money and offering no fix to your heating problem.

I did try to resolve this issue with the company directly before posting this review - but aka Dick's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc didn't really care to resolve it at all. They just don't care about you even if they fail to provide the service you paid them to do. I tried anyway.

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