Diane Beverly Corteze / Slander

1 United States

Diane Corteze loves her husband very much. But he's in prison for meth distribution. She also loves to ""bang meth"" words out of her mouth. Diane Corteze is a criminal who likes to get arrested for various reasons. Like selling Crystal Meth on a section of a school grounds. Diane Corteze has been arrested for committing fraud and violating the Patriot Act!! Diane Corteze is also a huge drunken whore to likes creating drama with the nice families that unfortunately have to live near her. Harrassing one particular family to the point that Diane Corteze PUNCHED A CHILD IN THE BACK OF HIS HEAD 3x's all while calling this young man terrible names like douchebag, little mother ###er, and an ###. Tried to run over this child's mother with her car AFTER kicking their dog

Sep 24, 2014

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