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Diamond Men / Won't play in my DVD player-Returns with a receipt

1 P.O. Box 7047, 92315Big Bear Lake, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 909-866-9200

I bought 3 DVD's on 9/27/08, all from the same cheap $1.99 and up display bin. Two of the movies were fine, but one, "Diamond Men", with the wording, "Two Big Thumbs Up" Ebert & Roper, did not. Cost $3.99
I saved the receipt and tried to return it to the place of purchase. Seemed simple to me.

My receipt wasn’t adequate for making a return of this kind. The clerk thought I had waited too long for a return (more than 72 hours) and called back to the electronics dept, to get approval, but got no response. She then paged over the loud speaker, still with no response. We waited and she finally decided to go a head with the return anyway, it was only $3.99. When she scanned my receipt she said that Kmart didn’t have this item “in stock” and couldn’t get the skew numbers needed to make this return transaction happen. She entered the numbers on the package box and it still came up not in stock. Her assumption was that I had not bought it at Kmart, which I had. With nobody helping the return clerk I took both the receipt and the video and entered the store heading for the video display where I had found it. All of the copies of this movie were gone. I thought at the time that they would have been pulled because of there not being able to work in regular DVD players. I then went to the electronics dept myself to speak to them. A man in street cloths asked, if I need help, (he had been assisting two Kmart employees with putting up signs. He, asked Kevin to stop and assist me. To which I was told that all returns had to be dealt with at the front of the store. The man in street cloths upon hearing my dilemma came over to assist. He too had the same basic thoughts on the DVD and it’s origins, until I pointed out that the other “DVD’s” were scanned as VHS’s, and Kmart doesn’t sell VHS’s anymore, the receipt was oviously wrong. He agreed to just give me a $3.99 store credit. We walked to the return counter and he told my original clerk to give me the credit. I waited again while the other customers were all helped and again the clerk couldn’t figure out how to make this credit happen. She called in another women, and was called away. The whole story starts again, with her saying that this DVD is not in Stock. She call’s back to the guy from the electronics’ dept and is told to use some code. She then asked me if I had shown any ID? I figured it was to confirm that the original receipt was really charged to me, ECT. She then starts to enter my Drivers License number into the computer. I asked her, “Why are you entering my personal information into the computer?” It’s store policy or some such. But, the safety of my personal identity is more valuable to me than the $3.99 store credit I would get back on a bad, non-functioning DVD. (it was likely a bootleg copy that they had bought through dubious channels anyway. ) There was no recourse for me unless I would submit to her entering ALL my information into the computer period! I took the afore mentioned DVD and my receipt saying, that “K-mart had taught me a harsh and firm lesson” But, in fact, it is K-mart that will learn, in a small town, everyone I come in contact will learn about this incident. They will loose more than my personal business. To hell with the local chamber of commerce and their “Keep your money in Big Bear” campaign. From now on I will shop elsewhere.

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