Diamond Limosuine / Terrible Company/Service

1 NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-807-0311

I threw my sisters bachelorette party back in Feb 20 2010, and thought this company would be great for the limo. The reason I chose this company was because of the Pink limo that seats up to 12 people. Well, big mistake I made. The limo arrives and its a smaller pink limo for 10. Three guests could not fit in the limo so they stayed at the first drop off and left the party. I was promised several times by representatives of this company that the limo I was going to receive would have an ipod plug-in. I had put tons of music onto an ipod and of course the limo did not have the plug. Then we had to listen to a fuzzy radio, which had all commercials for about 5 minutes at a time. The limo smelt like gasoline and was extremely hot since the ac was broken. I called the company immediately and they claimed that the correct limo was in AC when I was in NYC. They also claimed the limo would be coming to pick us up instead of staying with the smaller limo, which never happened. I never even received a call back that night. All the guests of the party complained about it and remember Diamond Limosuine as the company they would never call. I would never use the company again and I would absolutely never recommend them. I want a cash refund of half the cost for the problems that occured and for the fact that it ruined the entire night because now I will have to throw another party with a better company. So I called up the company and they said they wont give me a cash refund only a credit towards their company.

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